Cherish life from source, let’s get purified water with the water treatment systems!

Are you currently facing problems below?

1.Lack of water treatment knowledge and don’t know what ultrafiltration system machine suitable for your water

2.There are many kind of ultrafiltration system machine, but quality and price are different, how to choose ?

3.Unprofessional after-sale service

4.Can’t provide complete solution for your water problem



Our CEO Carrie once traveled abroad, she inadvertently saw the use of water in Africa is seriously polluted. Drinking water comes from river with heavy metal pollution and the water for washing clothes uses river water directly. She thought other areas will also encounter water pollution problems. They are eager to drink clean and safe water, but there is no way to solve it. Carrie was particularly sorry for their experience. Her major is water treatment engineering in university. She specialized in purifying water and wanted to use her own meager strength to help people. She founded a water treatment company, brand is Ocpuritech, she designed a one-stop water treatment solution to comprehensively solve the water problems encountered in life, such as residual chlorine, heavy metals, bacterial, viruses, ferrite ion, iron ion, odors, and colors etc. After 10 years of experience in the water treatment systems industry, this one-stop water treatment solutions are becoming more and more perfect. This solution are variety capacity of reverse osmosis(RO)system and variety of sizes of water filter Cartridge. Ocpuritech reverse osmosis systems supplier is your best choice, please click on Read More below for more details.

Reverse Osmosis(RO)system water purifier
Reverse Osmosis(RO)system water purifier
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The Best filter Cartridge
The Best filter Cartridge
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Ocpuritech, is a leading manufacturer & supplier of reverse osmosis systems, Ultrafiltration system, Seawater Desalination deionized water treatment systems and filter cartridge in China.


A reverse osmosis manufacturer that has always prided itself on using top of the line components from Vontron, Dow, Hydranautics, Toray, and many more.


Ocpuritech has consistently embraced ethical business practices at every point in the design, quality,manufacture  and delivery, and pre and after service.


With more than 10- year water treatment solution experience, since 2008 customers have worked with Ocpurtiech that can deliver the highest quality water treatment systems for their specific needs.

  • 5000LPH 30000 GPD  industrial Reverse Osmosis RO membrane water purification systems
  • 4000LPH 24000 GPD  industrial Reverse Osmosis RO membrane water filtration system
  • 5 Stages Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Water Treatment Plant 400GPD
  • 3000LPH 18000 GPD  industrial Reverse Osmosis RO membrane water purification methods
  • 750LPH 4500 GPD  industrial RO membrane water purifier
  • 500Lph Drinking Water Treatment/Purification Ultrafiltration System(UF plant)
  • High efficiency  automatic control Runxin valve F65B
  • High strength SS 304 Mechanical Sand and carbon Filter
  • The 55W popular UV Light Sterilizer in RO Plant
  • Hot sell Top & bottom strainer inner water distributor accessory
  • 5 Micron pp sediment melt blown water filter cartridge
  • 3072 Pressure vessels for water treatment application
  • string wound water filter cartridge
  • 6000LPH 36000 GPD  industrial Reverse Osmosis RO membrane water purification systems
  • Popular reverse osmosis system 250liter per hour for drinking water China factory
  • 10T 60000 GPD  industrial Reverse Osmosis RO membrane water purifier price
  • 250LPH industrial ro water  reverse osmosis system
  • 1000LPH 6000 GPD  industrial Reverse Osmosis RO membrane water filter treatment plant
  • 2000LPH 12000 GPD  industrial Reverse Osmosis RO membrane best  water treatment  purifier

Ocpuritech water treatment systems for all applications where reverse osmosis systems (RO), seawater desalination, Ultrafiltration system (UF), deionized water system and other water treatment technologies are proven. Our professional and experienced engineers can provide customized solutions to solve  any water treatment challenge. From source water report analysis, detailed drawing and budgetary proposals, prototype and pilot testing, to system set up, our technicians are involved every step of the way to ensure the success of the project. With thousands of installations in operation world-wide, Ocpuritech has a long history of serving a wide range of markets, such as those listed below. Select a market or application to learn more.



Customized system



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Exported countries


Ocpurtiech ultrafiltration system manufacturer has completed more than hundreds of water treatment systems projects in over 30 countries. Projects apply to underground water, beverage factory, Shrimp farm recycling water treatment, food industrial etc. One-stop water treatment systems solution and produce plenty of gallons of purified water.

  • 2000LPer hour RO system
  • 2000LPer hour RO system
  • 2000LPer hour RO system
  • Shrimp farm recycling water treatment
  • Shrimp farm recycling water treatment
  • Shrimp farm recycling water treatment
  • 3000LH RO System
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