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20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment

20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment
  • 20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment
  • 20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment
  • 20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment
  • 20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment
  • 20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment
  • 20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment
  • 20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment
  • 20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment
  • 20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment

20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment

The products have passed the overall quality inspection before they leave the factory.
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Application Scope
Aomi's Seawater Desalination deionized water system can be applied to different fields and scenes, which enables us to meet different requirements.In addition to providing high-quality products, Aomi also provides effective solutions based on the actual conditions and the needs of different customers.
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Product Comparison
Aomi provides diversified choices for customers. reverse osmosis system is available in a wide range of types and styles, in good quality and in reasonable price.Supported by advanced technology, Aomi has a great breakthrough in the comprehensive competitiveness of reverse osmosis system, as shown in the following aspects.
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Company Advantages
1. The application shows that water filtration system is feasible in structure and filter system .
2. The product will also undergo strict tests before delivery. These ongoing tests including an internal test and external test can achieve the superiority of the product.
3. The products have passed the overall quality inspection before they leave the factory.
4. Thanks to its durability, the product can be used for a long time. This is not only beneficial for business owners and allowing the production projects to be finished in a short time, reducing the waste of time.

Basic Configuration




Industrial water filter cartridge

Dia. Of Inlet & Outlet


Operating TEMP


Normal Operating Pressure


Max. Operating Pressure


Suitable cartridge

20’’ PP/GAC/CTO jumboo filter cartridge

product details


1‘’ inlet and outlet ,multiple sizes can be available (1.25" and  1.5", with/ without brass inlet/outlet)

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20 inch 2-stage jumbo blue filter housing pretreatment is made of rugged reinforced Polypropylene (PP) and Styrene Acrylonitrile (AS), Excellent jumbo blue housings are for residential applications such as reverse osmosis systems, food/beverage service industry. It can be used as pre and post filtration with your RO system. The Water filter housing is made of high quality PP filter cartridge and CTO filter cartridge .To avoid leakage, the thicker housing and rib design can withstand high pressure and have strong structure.


20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment-3
1. 2 stages pretreatment without electricity.The first stage is PP filter.The second stage is GAC /CTO/PP

2.keep more useful element

3.Easy maintainance  and operation



Main Features
1) Highly efficient disinfection.
2) Without secondary pollution.
3) Large volume of continuous disinfection.
4)  Easy operation and lower maintenance costs, safe ,Wide Application.
6)UV systems are compact and easy to install
7)No additional chemicals



Under the sink , residential use filtration, Pretreatment of reverse osmosis filtration, food clean service ,lab, water Station.

With the continuous advancement of industrialization, more and more sources of water pollution, the composition of water is becoming more and more complex, and the quality of water is declining. In this case, there is less and less potable water that can meet people's needs. Improving water quality is already imminent; we will use jumbo blue housing pretreatment, which can satisfy cleaning hands, food clean service, pretreatment reverse osmosis filtration etc.

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2 stage blue housing pretreatment

CE certificate


CE certificate is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

 The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA, This makes the CE certificate recognizable worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the European Economic Area. It is in that sense similar to the FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic devices sold in the United States.

Our water treatment system and water treatment accessories all have been certificated by CE and provide 1 -year warranty, many clients are very recognized for the quality of our products, we are your trusted partners, contact us now!

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Company Features
1. In Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd., almost all people are skilled and professional in the production of water filtration system .
2. Our water filter system production equipment possesses many innovative features created and designed by us.
3. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd., adhering to its service tenet of serving clients with heart and soul, is widely trusted by its clients. Ask online! Ocpuritech always regards high quality as the most important factor for an enterprise's success. Ask online!

2019 Newest Countertop alkaline water stick ionizer for home use OH-806-3H



Place of Origin:


Brand Name:

W2H Water to Health

Model Number:





Minimum Order Quantity:

1 Unit


USD385 to USD430/unit (depend on Q’ty)

Packaging Details:

34*23*57cm (1pc); 45*35*57cm (2pcs/ctn)

Delivery Time:

1 day (In stocked)

Payment Terms:

T/T, Western Union or PayPal with 6% fee

Supply Ability:

500 units per month


water ionizer japan  Description:


Counter top water ionizer japan is a kind of Ionized Water, Restructured Water, Micro-clustered Water, Alkaline Water, High PH Water, Antioxidant Water, and Reverse Aging! Detoxify! Energize! Purify your cellular water!


How does water ionizer japan work?


Our multi-functional antioxidant alkaline water filter can be a directly connected to a diverter value at the end of your faucet. Connecting our unit directly to your faucet takes about 20 to 30 minutes and enables your water ionizer to use a two step process. The first task is to help filter out harmful components of the water with our built-in fiber active carbon filter system, which remove chlorine, phenols, sediment, odor, taste and organic waste. The water ionizer achieves this by using multi-stage filters. The filtered water then passes into a chamber equipped with platinum-coated titanium plates. Next, an electrical charge is introduced into this water. This is where the electrolysis takes place. The water is separated into two streams (Acid and Alkaline) of ionized water. The acid water (oxidized) makes up about 30% of the water and the alkaline water 70%. The reduced ionized alkaline water comes out of the faucet, which you use for drinking or cooking. The acid (oxidized) water comes out of a separate hose leading into the sink. The oxidation potential of the acid water makes it a good sterilizing agent, ideal for washing your hands, cleaning food or kitchen utensils, and treating minor wounds and eczema. Cations, positively charged ions gather at the negative electrode to create alkaline water, which concentrates available alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium from the source water. Anions, negatively charged ions gather at the positive electrode to make acid or oxidized water, which concentrates acid minerals such as nitrates, sulfides, chlorides, and fluorides from the source water.


Remember in Chemistry, opposites attract each other. A range of PH settings from neutral to very alkaline or very acid is available at the touch of a button. The electrodes are cleaned in an automatic cleaning cycle or you can also run a manual cleaning cycle. The electrolysis process breaks the molecular bonding of water molecules and restructures the water clusters from usual groups of 12 or so down to about 5 or 6 molecules per water cluster. “Clustered” water is typically characterized by smaller groups of molecules, lower surface tensions and thus can more easily penetrate the cellular membrane. This clustering process is somewhat akin to the ease of carrying a bowling ball through a normal doorway versus trying to carry an 8 foot diameter balloon through the same doorway. This clean, healthy, alkaline ionized water is drawn for drinking and cooking through the main stainless steel spout.


  water ionizer japan Main Features & Competitive Advantage:


  1. With an imported acrylic touch panel, and a modern/elegant yet simple-style appearance
  2. Using an advanced touch control panel technology, the system can be applied to all water sources from all over the world.
  3. A super large 4.2-inch LCD colorful screen, the LCD displays ORP, PH, Flow rate, Temperature and process of water.
  4. The microcomputer automatic control system for the electrolysis suitable for the water TDS from 50 to 1500PPM.
  5. This ionizer has multi choices for different customer’s usage: Three or Five or eight super large titanium-platinum coated plates which increases usage life. System also has self-cleaning function.

6. PH levels are from 3 to 11 and ORP level from +500mv to -800mv.

7. Uses high-power SMPS power supply, the system has a built-in overheating radiator and continuous work function.

8. Includes changeable power cord for different power plug from different countries.

9. Has built-in fiber active carbon filter to bid farewell to an external filter system, installing the water ionizer is simple and convenient.

10. The built-in heating system, hot water temperature ranges from 35 to 60 degrees ensures the feature of hot alkaline water without damaging your ionizer.


water ionizer japan Operation Instructions:

When the tap is turned on, water enters the water ionizer, when the water flow reaches 0.8L/Min, the indicator screen lights up and three “beeps” will be heard. The machine will light up and you may select different levels of alkaline water for different PH values and different usages.

When the water flow reaches 1.6L/Min, if the machine has heating function, the water ionizer can produce warm alkaline water.


water ionizer japan Technical parameters and specifications:


Power Supply

AC220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz

Electrolysis power range

10 ~ 80W

Standby power


Heating power

2000W ± 10%

Input water pressure

0.1 ~ 0.3MPa

Working water TDS range

50 ~ 1200

Working flow rate range

1.0 ~ 4.0L/min

Strong ability to work for electrolysis


Total processing power


Use water temperature for continuous working

5°C ~ 40°C

Electrodes Material

Sintered Titanium Platinum plate



Machine size

Height 390mm x Width 262mm x Depth 139mm


water ionizer japan Applications:


Our newly designed water ionizer was uniquely designed to fit on your counter tops right next to the kitchen sink. This presents easy access to the many benefits offered. The best thing about owning our water ionizer is the ease of access to freshly made ionized water for drinking. The clean water is just filtered water and is ideal for baby formula (since babies are naturally alkaline) and for taking medication. It is not advised that medicine be taken with ionized water because this water will super charge the medication to such a degree that it will react to the body in a negative fashion. Always drink clean water when taking medication.


Aside from drinking water, Ionized Alkaline Water is used for cooking and many other kitchen uses. For instance, use alkaline water to soak your beans, boil your noodles and to cook your rice.


Use the pH 9.5 alkaline water for making ice cold teas. When making tea, there is no need to boil the water as is typically done. PH 9.5 Ionized Water will make green tea at room temperature primarily through its negative ion charge and micro-clustering properties.


On the other hand, weak acid water is great for the skin and hair. Since skin and hair are by nature slightly acidic, weak acid water is great for washing your face, hands and hair. It gives hair a natural sheen and helps to build fullness of body and will smooth and tighten the skin acting much like a toner.


Additionally, the next time you bring home some cut flowers, try placing them in weak ionized acid water. You will notice that your flowers last longer as the ionic acid water is what is needed by plants and flowers. On the other hand, placing your cut flowers in alkaline water will cause them to die sooner










Each water filtration system is built to customers' exact specifications with the finest materials.
water filter system adopts top-grade material of water filter system.
The design style of Ocpuritech filter system can be varied according to different requirements.
Ocpuritech filter system tempts customers with its aesthetic design.
Our water filter system conveys advanced design concepts.
water filter system are recognized for their peculiarities for water filtration system.
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