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20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment

20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment

20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment

Brand Name
Place of origin
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number
20inch jumboo blue housing
for water treatment application
0.415* 0.48 *0.71
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Product Information of 20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment
Product Details
Aomi pursues excellent quality and strives for perfection in every detail during the production.Aomi insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture Seawater Desalination deionized water system. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.
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Company Advantages
1. The most advanced water purification systems are used in Ocpuritech water filter system. It is embedded with mature sterilizing and purifying technology which guarantees the clean water.
2. The product has an excellent and precise filtration effect. The reverse osmosis technique only allows the hydrone and dissolved oxygen to get through and excludes out sands, pesticide, bacteria, and heavy metals.
3. The product is corrosion resistant. It has been treated in the chemical liquid or other chemical processing methods to enhance its anti-corrosion ability.
4. The product helps get rid of chlorine in drinking water, which reduces your risk of health problems such as cardiovascular.
5. The product is effective in dealing with the impurities or contaminants such as harmful microorganisms, insecticide, endotoxin, lithic fragment, etc.

Basic Configuration




Industrial water filter cartridge

Dia. Of Inlet & Outlet


Operating TEMP


Normal Operating Pressure


Max. Operating Pressure


Suitable cartridge

20’’ PP/GAC/CTO jumboo filter cartridge

product details


1‘’ inlet and outlet ,multiple sizes can be available (1.25" and  1.5", with/ without brass inlet/outlet)

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20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment-2               


20 inch 2-stage jumbo blue filter housing pretreatment is made of rugged reinforced Polypropylene (PP) and Styrene Acrylonitrile (AS), Excellent jumbo blue housings are for residential applications such as reverse osmosis systems, food/beverage service industry. It can be used as pre and post filtration with your RO system. The Water filter housing is made of high quality PP filter cartridge and CTO filter cartridge .To avoid leakage, the thicker housing and rib design can withstand high pressure and have strong structure.


20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment-3
1. 2 stages pretreatment without electricity.The first stage is PP filter.The second stage is GAC /CTO/PP

2.keep more useful element

3.Easy maintainance  and operation



Main Features
1) Highly efficient disinfection.
2) Without secondary pollution.
3) Large volume of continuous disinfection.
4)  Easy operation and lower maintenance costs, safe ,Wide Application.
6)UV systems are compact and easy to install
7)No additional chemicals



Under the sink , residential use filtration, Pretreatment of reverse osmosis filtration, food clean service ,lab, water Station.

With the continuous advancement of industrialization, more and more sources of water pollution, the composition of water is becoming more and more complex, and the quality of water is declining. In this case, there is less and less potable water that can meet people's needs. Improving water quality is already imminent; we will use jumbo blue housing pretreatment, which can satisfy cleaning hands, food clean service, pretreatment reverse osmosis filtration etc.

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20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment-5                

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20 inch 2-stage jumboo blue housing pretreatment-6                

2 stage blue housing pretreatment

CE certificate


CE certificate is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

 The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA, This makes the CE certificate recognizable worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the European Economic Area. It is in that sense similar to the FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic devices sold in the United States.

Our water treatment system and water treatment accessories all have been certificated by CE and provide 1 -year warranty, many clients are very recognized for the quality of our products, we are your trusted partners, contact us now!

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Company Features
1. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a large-scale integrated industrial company integrating design, R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of water filter system.
2. With a production certificate, we are authorized to manufacture and market products freely. Besides, this certificate supports the company entering into the market.
3. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has the strong professional team to solve your all problems. Call now! The operating principles of Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is water filters for home use . Call now!

Non-pollution tyre pyrolysis equipment 30t tire shredding machine.



Product Description    


Our oil distillation plant can process tire crude oil, plastic crude oil and waste engine oil into diesel. It is the latest design which is unique in China market.


The oil rate is 85% to 95%


The fuel oil can be used for diesel generator, boiler, trucks, tractors and agricultural vehicles etc. 


Our oil distillation plant has some advantages.


1. Vertical reactor with indirectly heating system is very efficient and reasonable. It is easy to clean the bottom of reactor.


2. Indirect heating will prolong the service life of reactor


3. After finished one batch oil distillation, we will pump the oil to odor and color removal tank. Then can start to pump fuel oil to reactor for another batch. So we say it is continuous working.


4.Better oil quality.


  The oil color can be darker or lighter according to customers’ requirement.



The 3D flow chart of oil distillation plant                                                                         


Working process of oil distillation plant                                                                          



Technical parameters of oil distillation plant                                                                   









Raw Material

Waste oil

Waste oil

Waste oil

Waste oil







Batch Type

Batch Type

Batch Type

Batch Type

Covering Area










Reactor Size










Cooling Type

Water Cooling

Water Cooling

Water Cooling

Water Cooling






Running Time
















It can be customized according to customers actual needs



Photos of oil distillation plant                                                                                           








Company Information                                                                                                      

Located in the Central Plains transportation center--Xinxiang City

With 20 years professional experience

One of the best waste tire/plastic/rubber pyrolysis and oil distillation machine producers in China

Professional design with Safety,pollution-free, high efficiency 


Equipment sold to India,Thailand,Bangladesh,Greece,Poland,Dominica,New Zealand,Columbia

                                        Welcome To Visit Our Factory!                              








Product Description


Low cost used motor oil to diesel recycling cleaning machines

The used motor oil desulfurization to diesel plant in machine oil purifier for industrial is produced by the most advanced technology , It is the most convenient and economic & environmental friendly way to refining the waste black oil .
Great water filter!!! Thank you very much!! "This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review."
Easy to install. Notice water look clearer and taste better. Would recommend product.
High quality and reasonably priced. I like the fact that they are NSF Certified. The filters life span seems to be quite good, I have had them installed for almost three months, use them everyday and have yet to have to replace them yet.
I've had my water filter over one year now and I love it. The water is clean and tastes good. I love not having to buy water and having bottles everywhere. The savings is great too.
I recently had my humidifier checked out and needed my filter replaced. The inspector was honest and said it would be way cheaper to or one from Amazon. It was like 1/3rd the price. Same brand as my original and was easy to install. There are also videos on YouTube that'll walk you through the installation. It only took a couple of minutes. Save even more by getting a dual pack.
It’s the right one for the filter
Excellent filters priced right. We are full time RVers and replace the filters every 3 months
I purchased this product in hopes to keep my misting nozzles from getting clogged. It seems that the nozzles clog up after a week of installing them. I have tried cleaning them but they never seem to work as good as they did when new and most of the time i have to replace them because i can not clean out whatever is stuck in them. It was very frustrating. After putting up with replacing nozzles every so often, i found this gem. I installed it between my mister and my water hose (it has the hose connections on it already, male/female) and it solved my issue with clogged nozzles.
I did initially get a clog with the nozzle of my fan mister. But since adding this filter, no clogs and I use the mister about 3 hours a day to cool my dog area in the AZ heat.
Works exactly as expected. 000 every time. Filters fast despite all the layers of filtration. You would think it would be a while considering the filter size and the small filter hole the water comes out of after being filtered but it’s fast and steady.
I'm a freak about using filtered water for drinking, ice, cooking, pets. I want the filter to remov as much as possible from our tap water. Can't believe what the water company tests think are "acceptable levels" of crap in the water. Easy to install/replace. Lasted a year as indicated.
I loved this light weight filter! I recently took it on a week long trip across the Sierra Nevada range - Lone Pine to Sequoia. It worked perfectly! TIP: I did not use the included squeeze bag, but attached it to a 1 liter club soda bottle instead. I would just dip the bottle into the stream, put on the filter, and drink/filter as I walked. This is a great time saver. (Note: Release air from drinking bottle between squeezes.) PROS: + Very light weight (can be kept in a day pack for emergencies) + Very easy to use. You may need to read directions to purge it, but I think you can figure that out too. + Fits standard soda bottles + Easy maintenance with purging syringe. CONS: - The more expensive model with the pop-up nipple is easier to open and close without your hands. This one requires two hands to open. - Don't use with heavy sediment. There is no pre-filter, so limited for clearer water. BOTTOMLINE: I'd recommend this to anyone. It's so light, I keep it in my desert day pack just in case I run out of my supply. It flows well and my backpack buddy used it for 3 weeks straight on the John Muir Trail last year. Great, inexpensive gift for yourself or your backpacking relatives.
We've been using this in our 6 person household (2 adults 4 kids) for little more than a year. It does a decent job of removing the TDS that cause odors in our winter city water. I've seen a few "notices" about changing the O ring with each filter. We're on filter number 4 with the same O ring. At each filter change I clean and lubricate the O ring with food grade silicone lubricant and am guessing this is why it has lasted so long. If your O ring has signs of cracks or such, replace it. Otherwise just clean, lubricate, and reuse.
I have tried other compatible brands of filter cartridges, but they never work as well or last as long as the GE filters. From now on I will not buy any brand but GE. It is not worth the money to buy a cheaper brand that has to be replaced twice as often.
Easy install. Sturdy feel. Hooked it up myself in seconds, minutes. I was going to pirate old cord off old Disposal to attach to new Disposal-- but... figured old one was eight, maybe 10 years old. So for the LOW PRICE, why not install a new cord and be able to sleep at night.
Bought this alongside our garbage disposal because it doesn't come with a cord. Very easy to install, no issues. My only complaint would be with the disposal design, after you install the power cord, it sticks out perpendicular from the bottom and prevents the garbage disposal from being set on the ground unless you want to potentially damage the cord. Makes install a little tricky, be nice to have this on the side instead.
Fits perfectly and we are water bottle free!
Good filter system under sink for drinking water. Replaces older system that became difficult to find replacement cartridge for. Easier to change these filters than previous system.
We like the APEX FILTER. It was very easy to install, like the quality of our water. Has a really good flow rate, very fast. Only one problem is that it keeps running/dripping after it’s turned off. We keep a cup under it to catch the extra flow, and use that water for our dogs! Would easily recommend this product.
Bought it for RV. Works great
Ok. Now I'm happy. Thanks to Amazon.com customers who answered my questions I learned that the alumina powder from the white fluoride/arsenic filters does not break down (as aluminum oxide does during lab testing) into aluminum atoms. Since this is an inert alumina (often used in ceramics and even in hip implants) it isn't absorbed was the feared aluminum that causes brain damage. A knowledgable customer told me that it even removes any naturally occurring aluminum from the water, making it even contain less. He provided a great link to the Big Berkley site discussing this alumina filter. But I felt better hearing from someone who isn't selling this product, then reading and understanding what Big Berkley meant in their article. I notice my water tastes different than the tap water, Pur filtered water,and reverse osmosis water that I was drinking. I do not know what accounts for the taste, but maybe it's the inside of the stainless steel which I rinsed out with dishwashing liquid that may gradually diminish more. But it is a very good sign that my cola liquid Steiva that I like to flavor water with tastes better and is more flavorful with this Big Berkley filtered water than with water from these other three filters. I am happy to know I am still getting minerals from my filtered tap water. Drinking reverse osmosis water had felt strange in my body and unhealthy somehow. I later learned reverse osmosis pulls out the minerals we need for life. So I will see, but think I will likely have a feeling of well being after drinking this water from my Big Berkley a while. We want our water to make us feel healthier and better (not cause osteopenia and other health affects from dangerous mineral loss). I'm very happy to have a Big Berkley and these filters now. No more chlorine (which hurts thyroid) and no more fluoride (which hardens and harms the pineal gland, the body's regulator). And no aluminum, which I had mistakenly feared these would add, exchanging one form of brain damage for another. I'm so glad I was wrong and just needed to hear from some of Amazon.com's customers who know more about this than I do, and to do my own research. These may be some of the best filters around. I'm so happy about that.
Used the same Big Berkey for more than 8-years now and after cleaning the carbon filters a couple of times over a 2-year period when they get slow, I replace them with new ones. We get a lot more than 6,000 gallons out of these, and the good thing is, they will just stop up when they're done so your water is safe. One thing I want to mention; these filters will fit a ProPur filter although there is only one hole for a filter. ProPur will fail food coloring test from day one unless you retrofit it with these.
This power cord kit got the job done. It's pretty easy to use and the installation guide was helpful. However, I wish they would use two different colors for the wires. They simply label one end as smooth and the other as ribbed. It would have been easier to use black or white so that the wires would line up with the wires of the InSinkErator garbage disposals.
This made hooking up our InSinkErator disposal very easy. Some people prefer to hard-wire their disposals in, but I wanted to be able to handle the wiring before I went under the sink. It is a tight enough space just for mounting a disposal. I didn't feel like adding some hard wiring under the disposal to the list of things that needed to be done with my kitchen remodel. Now if anything becomes trapped in the disposal, I can simply unplug it to clean it out, instead of having to turn off a kitchen circuit. It also just looks cleaner than hard wiring. The directions are easy to follow and the job is hard to mess up.
Comes complete with everything needed to put a cord on your new disposal. The wire is stranded copper for good current flow. Read the instructions! Both wires are black but, the one with ridges connects to white and the smooth wire connects to black.
For a completely non-electrical kind of guy, this was quite simple to install into the new disposer i bought. You will need this kit for any disposer that is not hard wired, and this was all high quality material with some very good instructions to follow. It probably took me 10 minutes to completely and confidently get this new power cord wired into the new disposer. I did have to make a couple confidence boosting calls to my brother to make sure i was wiring properly. In that regard, the instructions could have been more specific. I taped off each wire nut individually, then wrapped them together. This may have been overkill, but it seemed like the best bet. Again, good instructions, great price for the quality of the cord, connector and wire nuts. Would recommend this to anyone installing a new disposer that needed a power cord.
I like
Purchased this for a misting fan. First 3 uses it worked great. On the Fourth, the male end started leaking and won't stop. I confirmed it was this item as it leaks on a brand new hose, I also purchased on Amazon. I was also careful putting it away and replacing the black end caps so I'm not sure what happened. Overall disappointed.
I was looking for a system to take fluoride and other chemicals out of my water. I was also sick of carrying cases of water up the the third floor of my apartment. This system was easy to install, and provides me with clean, great tasting water. I purchased a large glass pitcher, and fill the pitcher from the APEC water system, then place it in the refrigerator. I have three 40 ounce thermos containers that I transfer the water to, and carry around with me throughout the day. I feel as though this was a great purchase that is providing me with both clean water, and a money savings at the end of the year.
There was no instruction manual in the box im trying to get ahold of the company to send it but no one got back to me yet
I use the Aquasana filtering unit and my well water tastes GREAT! I have a set automatically delivered every 6 months which is perfect for my husband and I.
I had to go and try purchased water to really believe it, We are not new to water filters, we had another brand that came to end of life and we wanted one that was certified and compressed carbon and one which had a reasonably quick water flow. We go through 6 gallons of water per day.. And not cost over $90. There is a limit to how much a filter should cost. We are in Florida and the water can taste odd, depending on the temperature, the hotter the worse water tastes. This unit tastes great. We sampled against 2 major brands of bottled water, one from a spring and the other purified. The spring water was tolerable but had an after taste, the purified water with added minerals made us gag.
I like it. Water flows well
There's no substitute unfortunately. You can try the generic as I did, but you'll find the water runs through twice as fast - which means it's not filtering as well.
This combo is to be used off grid. I just installed them in a container after pressurization of the filters. The drip rate was good enough for my needs off city tap water and will be even faster without the floride filters when I do spring water. The taste was amazing and I feel better with more energy. Threw away my Britta filters. Well worth your money!
I hate how much these cost -- why is it so hard for us all to have clean water to drink?!? Still, they are exactly as advertised. In fact, I would say they work even better than I thought they would. When these (eventually) wear out, I will certainly buy more. The Berkey filters are the best and, even though expensive, tend to last for a very long time with a cleaning every week or two.
Awesome product I was very surprised on how quiet this thing is, not to mention it came with 3 different kinds of airbrush guns for free. Probably the best deal ever for a first time kit. I highly recommend
The charcoal filters are exactly like the filters that came with our Keurig. They fit good and do an excellent job of filtering. i would recommend this product to anyone looking for new filters. The price is good too.
These are excellent charcoal water filters replacements for Keurig coffee makers that uses them. Their price along with their quality is excellent and I will reorder them when I need to.
I have been using these filters for a year or so now. Ordered 3 filters the first time to see if they were good, yes they are good. I was buying this same filter at Lowes for 29.95 each. Then they went to 49.95 for 1 filter (pathetic). I found these on Amazon and as you can see the price. Factually, these filters are high quality and are just as good as the ROBBERY ones. They do last 5 to 6 months. Takes all the chlorine and chemical taste out of city water. Honesty to you people, the water tastes like fresh spring water. You will NOT go wrong with buying these filters. I have found NO fault in any manner with these filters...
just finishing up 18 days snorkeling in Hawaii. I have only used the filter for 5-20 ft but it really makes a difference in making things look more natural. I like the way the system snaps on and the filter slips in. Some people complained about it being delicate-easy to break but I have not found that to be the case. I don't abuse it and it works great. Need to remember to remove it if you surface and want to shoot pictures while on the surface.
Just tried this out on 6 dives with a GoPro Hero+ in Turks and Caicos- its great! You do need to experiment a bit because the depths on the red filters are really just suggestions. I tried the 50+ filter around 80 feet and it was much too red, but the water was incredibly clear and there was a lot of sunlight reaching us. It was easy to just pull the whole frame off when i didn't need it. The 20-50 ft filter worked much better for the rest of the trip. The frame was easy to install and the filters were easy to change. The little storage pouch is great too so you don't have to look for all those little filters in your gear bag.
Fantastic little filter kit. I'm Amazed at the difference a filter makes. I've used the magenta and the light red filters with excellent results. I'll use the darker red filter in a couple of days when I go diving. The filter housing fits nicely in the GoPro and the filters themselves snap into the housing snugly. I'm very very pleased with the product. Definitely a "must have" if you plan on using your GoPro underwater. ** Update - After diving, I took off the filter and housing to shoot the shoreline and the boat. To make a long story short - I ended up losing the housing and the 50'+ filter. I contacted the seller and asked how I can get a replacement since I had lost that part of mine. As a courtesy, they are shipping me a new one free of charge. Amazing. I didn't expect that but they've got a customer for life in me now. Oh, I almost forgot the most important part - my videos were spectacular. The colors were so vibrant, it was amazing. I just used an extendable selfie stick and the 50'+ filter diving and the videos look like they were professionally. A selfie stick works great since you can get that closer to your target.
It's probably a feature, but the foam is VERY dense. I no longer fear damaging my equipment, but it took a while to do the foam layout. It's like a big velcro puzzle. Luckily, its designed well, allowing the foam to be put practically anywhere. Worth mentioning is the straps that allow a tripod on the side of the bag. It has a stiff base, which lets it stand up easily. One complaint is that the pockets are shallow, and the bag isn't designed to 'bulge' at all. This makes it difficult to stash bulky accessories outside of the main compartment. Also, the 'hammock' has a hole that is tight for larger-diameter lenses. I'm able to fit my 77mm-diameter lens and it's hood through the hole, but it takes some effort. 58mm lenses are much easier to use with the 'hammock'. Lastly, the main compartment zippers come up a little shy, making it difficult to access the last inch or two. Just know that items near the base will be less accessible. Here's what I got packed in mine (photo included): Main compartment: 1x Canon EOS 6D with 28-105mm lens (and hood) (77mm dia) 1x 70-300mm telephoto lens (58mm dia) 2x full-size flash units 58mm and 77mm filters, each in hard-shell cases 77mm macro lenses (4x) in a single soft-shell case 58mm macro/wide-angle lens in pouch I also left space for two additional lenses. Side pocket: AA batteries rechargeable battery battery charger Front pocket 5x Rx/Tx units some cables
I originally purchased the AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras... after a few days, the top handle ripped off. You can read my review of it there. So I returned it due to quality issues and bought this bag. I am more than pleased with it! I've had it for several months with no issue whatsoever. I love the hammock for the camera body. And the fast access fold down front is awesome! I'm no camera "expert"... I simply tote my Canon 60D to my son's basketball games every weekend along with a tripod. I can easily attach the tripod (in it's own protective bag) to the side of this bag with two sturdy velcro straps. And with the hard bottom, it stands upright without falling over. A small convenience, but one I'm highly pleased with! Once there, I simply pop off the tripod, set it up, unzip the front compartment where the camera is right there... the fold down option allows me to get right to the camera without laying the bag down and without anything else falling out. Love it! And that's it! The very front compartment is not huge, but has several pockets where I can organize batteries, flash cards, and a couple other small odds and ends. Again, convenient access to the things I need most... right in the front. The side compartment is also not big, it's slim with a couple pockets. I've put recharging cables, keys, paperwork, flash drives, various other things in it. The meat of the bag can be personalized for lens, chargers, additional cameras, lots of room with thick foam dividers. And mostly a LOT of protection. Some have complained that the dividers are too bulky. NONSENSE! I wanted a bag with a LOT of protection. This is that bag! If one needs more room, get a bigger bag. I personally want all the protection I can get, and this bag has it with thick foam throughout. I feel totally comfortable swinging this bag over my shoulders and plopping it down somewhere regardless if it gets hit or knocked over which happens. There is a "laptop" pocket on the entire back of the bag. It runs the entire length and width of the bag, so it's large enough for the larger laptops. It is also VERY well padded. I've used it and feel very good about my laptop in it. It's comfortable to wear, though I've never been hiking with it. : ) The shoulder straps are thick and comfortable. There is additional padding on the back of the bag also which rests on your back. Makes for a very comfortable wear. Mostly it's WELL MADE! Everything is reinforced and thoughtfully designed. The top handle is well attached... The bottom "rubberized" plastic is sturdy and allows me to set the bag on the ground even in damp/wet conditions. For example if I'm loading things in the car and it's wet outside, I can set it upright, on the ground without any fear of the bag itself getting wet. This has proven helpful more than a few times! I can't find any fault in this bag. Highly recommended. ** UPDATE ** 8-1-17 Over 2 years of constant weekend use... almost every weekend... this bag is a TANK. Not one problem, not one rip, tear, not even a broken zipper. LOVE IT!!!
I would recommend using brass fittings going into the filter. I used plastic pex fittings and have a slight leak. It barely drips but just a heads up.
I highly recommend this filter system
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