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9 reasons why you have to use reverse osmosis ultrapure water treatment equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-20
So you have to use the 9 reasons ultrapure water treatment equipment reverse osmosis author of the article: Now What harm caused by pollution on the human body: 1, secondary water pollution is serious, harmful substances in water 765 species, including 20 kinds of confirmed carcinogenic, 24 One is suspected of causing cancer, and 18 are causing stones. About 80% of diseases, especially chronic diseases, are caused by water pollution. 2. For sterilization, some people boil water to drink. In fact, after the tap water is boiled, although the bacteria are killed, the dead bodies of the bacteria still remain in the water and become the source of human body heat, which is what medically calls 'pyrogenicity'. 3. In the traditional precipitation filtration process of chlorination disinfection, chlorine and humin in water are synthesized into chloroform, which is recognized as a carcinogen in the world. The trichloromethane is 3 to 4 times that of raw water when the water is heated to 90 to 100 degrees. If the tap water is not precipitated, the fish will die if the fish is raised directly, but the human body is larger than the fish, and the toxicity of chlorine to the human body will not be immediately apparent. When people take a bath, they absorb hundreds of times more chlorine than when they drink water. 4. Well water and groundwater are also unsafe. Acid rain on the earth and industrial and agricultural wastewater seep into the ground and cause pollution. Although deep well water is not as polluted as tap water, it has high calcium and magnesium ions. It is easy to get cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, gallstone and other diseases after long-term drinking. Deep well water is highly alkaline, and the human body needs acid-base balance. The human body's requirements for water are weakly alkaline. 5. National investigations show that 30% of bottled water is unqualified, and the number of bacterial colonies exceeds the standard. Except for production reasons, most of them are barrel reasons, and the acid salts contained therein are carcinogens. The requirement of large-scale brand-name water manufacturers for barreled water users is not to confuse their barrels with barrels of other manufacturers, because their barrels are made of ABS non-toxic plastic. Developed countries have adopted household water terminal purification. Southern Star Hotel has cancelled bottled water and introduced purified water outlets in guest rooms. 6. Various functional water has been banned by the state, leaving the only market channel for the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment market! Household reverse osmosis is also the most effective and direct way for the country to deal with sudden water pollution. The measures applied to the emergency rescue site of natural disasters are especially obvious! 7. Some people noticed the quality problems of bottled water, drinking the bottled water with the production date and the official production plant, and drinking it within 3 days. However, they are still reluctant to use the purchased water to wash rice, wash vegetables, cook or wash white clothes, so it is impossible to fundamentally avoid water pollution. 8. Many families use the water after precipitating it, causing some bacteria and impurities to precipitate, but the water tank and bathtub will have a large amount of scale that is difficult to clean. The heating pipe of the solar water heater is also blocked by the scale, which seriously affects its service life and affects the safety of use. 9. The original intention of the pure water production line is to avoid water pollution, but now our country's water pollution is becoming more and more serious. When the river is no longer river, the river is no longer river, naturally the water is no longer water! The above content introduces water pollution to everyone Seriously, the reverse osmosis ultrapure water treatment equipment has to be installed. What are you waiting for? If you want to learn more about the equipment, please consult environmental protection at any time!
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