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About THR production wastewater reuse technology is introduced

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-30
About THR production wastewater reuse technology is introduced in the production of threonine produce large amounts of waste water, the water content of organic matter and suspended solids is higher, easy to corrupt, deteriorating water quality and ammonia nitrogen concentration is higher, if not processed direct emissions will cause harm to human body and environment, then the threonine production wastewater reuse technology is how? Below said about THR production wastewater reuse technology is introduced. 1, the pretreatment of pretreatment is the key to the whole system can run efficiently, threonine production high suspended solids in the wastewater SS and easy corrosion must be timely interception. There are two main ways: main pretreatment air-flotation and sieve filter, including air bearing is mainly used in waste water treatment station of quantity is little, the disadvantage is that equipment complex, difficult to manage, high operating costs and bad conditions. Screen is mainly used in a large quantity of waste water threonine production wastewater pretreatment. Management, convenient and stable operation. 2, hydrolysis acidification, or the organic matter in anaerobic wastewater treatment is mainly of protein and fat, the class belongs to long chain organic macromolecule material, it is difficult to be general aerobic bacteria use directly, in the process of its biodegradation, usually through the enzyme breaks down into amino acids, carbohydrates and other small molecule organic matter is rear can be directly use aerobic bacteria. 3, activated sludge or directly contact oxidation of organic wastewater to reach discharge standards, selection of aerobic biological treatment process is a common and effective, low cost process, aerobic biological process including the amount of activated sludge and contact oxidation method. The activated sludge process is a kind of traditional and mature processing method, the disadvantage is that microbes in the suspended state. Contact oxidation is a biological membrane, and is not yet mature, defect is need to install the aeration biological packing as a carrier of biological, investment is higher, the second pond, the effect is poor, the benefits is not return sludge. 4, chemical oxidation after pretreatment and anaerobic aerobic process, the improvement of water quality has the very big, most basic can qualified emissions, in addition to ammonia nitrogen and COD slightly overweight, can add chemical auxiliary, strengthening effect, qualified emissions. Pure ammonia nitrogen removal agent, COD JiangXieJi belong to strong oxidant, can be handled efficiently to qualified emissions, quickly and easily without changing the existing process.
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