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Is there a machine for filtering mercury, lead and heavy metals in water? It is possible to filter the mercury, lead and heavy metals in the water by means of NF membrane and reverse osmosis technology,Activated carbon can also be used to absorb some,The filter of 3 M can remove harmful substances and heavy metals of lead and mercury,It is a sintering composite activated carbon block filter that uses advanced activated carbon processing technology,The filter element is formed by composite sintering of activated carbon powder and polymer materials,Very good strength performance,Avoid deformation in the use of filter elements,Next leak.High filtration accuracy and high density activated carbon material,The filter element has excellent physical and chemical adsorption filtration performance,Can efficiently remove harmful organic matter,Microbial spore sac,Pollutants such as bacteria.Special Composite chemical materials can remove heavy metal pollutants that cannot be removed by activated carbon itself,Like lead,

Since the establishment, Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has always been focusing on the R&D and production of Air filter industry . With great production capability, we can provide customers with personalized solutions according to their needs. electrodeionization developed and produced by Aomi is mainly applied to the following aspects. Aomi's Air filter industry are reasonably designed. They are stable in performance and easy in operation. They are quality-reliable and use-durable. Customers in need are warmly welcome to contact Aomi for negotiation. I hope we can work together to create a brilliant future. The electrodeionization series has become a hot product of we.

Features and advantages of self-cleaning filter Self-cleaning filter is a kind of filter to directly intercept impurities in water, remove suspended matter and particulate matter in water body, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, and reduce the generation of system dirt, bacteria and algae, rust, etc, precision Equipment to purify water quality and protect other equipment in the system.The main components of the self-cleaning filter are: Motor, Electric Control Box, control pipeline, supervisor assembly, filter element assembly, stainless steel brush, frame assembly, transmission shaft, inlet and outlet connection flange, etc.The self-cleaning filter overcomes many shortcomings such as small amount of pollution, easy to be blocked by dirt, disassembly and cleaning of the filter part and inability to monitor the filter status, it has the function of filtering raw water and cleaning and discharging the filter element automatically.Self-cleaning filter cleaning sewage system uninterrupted wate
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