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3m water filter cartridge How to Remove Under-Sink Faucet Filters

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-28
3m water filter cartridge How to Remove Under-Sink Faucet Filters
Under-The sink filter is attached to the water supply system to remove contaminants and minerals from drinking water.They have a separate faucet at the top of the sink next to the sprayer.While under-The sink filter has many advantages, and there may be a period of time when you have to remove it.
Remove belowMost homeowners can complete the sink filter with just a few basic tools.Open the cabinet under the sink and find the cold water pipe that extends down from the cold water knob on the tap.Positioning ellipse-Turn off the water knob in the shape of silver on the cold water pipe and turn left until it no longer turns to turn off the water supply.
In some homes, there is a lever transfer to the side of the pipe, not the knob.Turn on the cold water faucet and let any trapped water flow out of the pipe.This prevents it from leaking on the floor when you disconnect the pipe.
Find small flexible pipes that extend from the water filter to the cold water pipe.Place the wrench on the metal nut above the connection and turn it counter-clockwise to loosen the wrench.Repeat the process to loosen the metal nut under the connection.
Lift the metal "T" accessory from the cold water supply and put it aside.The hose for the water filter will still be attached to it.If needed, remove the hose from the accessory by unscrewing the nut at the bottom of the hose.
Pull the top and bottom of the water pipe together to narrow the gap between installing the water filter connection.Turn the nut clockwise and connect the nut back together.Place the wrench around the nut and move it again once or twice until it is tightened.
See where the actual filter is installed to the cabinet and find the screws that fix it.Remove the screw with a screwdriver and remove the filter from the cabinet.Turn the water back on the tap.Look under the sink where the filter faucet is still connected and find the metal nut.
Move the nut counter-clockwise with a wrench to remove the nut.Grab the top of the water filter faucet and pull up from the top of the sink until the hose ends up.Put any hardware store's metal cover into the hole at the top of the sink and hit it with a hammer.
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