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best reverse osmosis water systems IN SAN FRANCISCO, IT`S THE WATER

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best reverse osmosis water systems IN SAN FRANCISCO, IT`S THE WATER
Bottled water.Bottled water from Riya Suzuki.Directed by lea suzuki/Chronicles party organizer Charlotte meiliad Schulz, director of the concierge department of San Francisco and avid city booster, passionate about everything in San Francisco-Including a product that many culinary experts avoid.She drank the water and the guests."I serve the local food, I serve the local water," Schultz declared ."."Hetch-A lot of water is produced in the herch reservoir."John muland, customer service manager, San Francisco Water Department, agrees with you."We have some of the best water around us," he insisted ."."It's a good, pure thing.Eighty-5% of it comes directly from the mountains."Mulan colleagues in the municipal water industry quickly agreed: water is fine.Tracy Hemmeter at Santa Clara Valley Water area said for sure, "it's definitely safe for our water to come out directly from the tap.But many consumers worry about taste and safety.Filter devices of various types-Within different price ranges-Although a recent study suggests that consumers should be careful when buying such a system (see the accompanying story ).And U.S.Bottled water sales--Flat and sparkling-According to the International Association of bottled water, from 1976 to 1996, a staggering 1,160 surge has been made, with Pacific countries buying the most so far.Given that people are increasingly wary of putting glass on the kitchen faucet, what should an enthusiastic host do when guests ask for "please drink water?Many culinary artists are dismissive of the taste of common tap water.Alice Waters, founder of Berkeley's famous Chez Panisse, declared: "I will not serve it .".She uses the filtered water and then uses the decan water cooler."It's much cheaper than bottled and convenient.Mullane of San Francisco Water CompanyThe water cheerleaders also support the cooling tap water in the fridge, but for protection rather than taste: "In this way, you don't have to run the tap for 30 seconds in order to make the water cool."Donata Maggiapinto, Williams's director of food and entertainment-Sonoma and the upcoming book, real --"Entertainment of Life" (Clarkson Porter), imported from Italy to San Pellegrino ---a half-One bottle of carbonated drinks and pan na (Ping) per two diners, packed with napkins.But Maggiapinto doesn't think it would be a sin to provide tap water in a gorgeous way."You can put lemon or pink grapefruit slices, rose petals or fennel seeds in it.Or crush the mint leaves in the glass to give flavor, then remove the leaves before filling the glass." Judith Ets-Hokin, the founder of home cooking schools in Southern California and the Sacramento Bay Area, sips her own sparkling water, ideal for sparkling San Pellegrino.For guests who like eau naturel, she has a filter on the sink at her home in Marin County to hold water in a water tank."It depends on the environment," she said ."."If you live in the country and you live well --Taste the water and it is appropriate to come up from the faucet.However, rural areas do not necessarily have superior water resources.Fred Burnett, who is located in the water area of Calaveras County in the foothills of Sierra, pointed out that his water supply system is basically the same as that of San Francisco.Stanley Searle, a mill valley plumber, said an observer with internal knowledge of water preferences said his customers prefer to install filtration devices.He said: "I like the water in Marin County myself .""We don't have a taste problem like their soft or alkaline water in parts of the country."Apart from late summer and early autumn, our water tastes like algae," he added ."."This is when water filters come in handy.He explained: "Throughout the summer, sunlight exposure to lakes and reservoirs increases the growth of algae, and the rain in winter will make the water fresh again.Searle says he has a filter on his own sink if there is nothing but to please his Australian Shepherd Thea."Our dog gives a nose to the tap water and if we don't fill her bowl from the filter, she will go out and look for rain water to drink."According to the advice of the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people with impaired immune systems need to be at least as picky as Thea.Elderly people with weak body, as well as people living with HIV, accept resistancePatients who reject drugs and chemotherapy should take serious steps to avoid parasites known to penetrate into some municipal water supply systems (see attached story ).On the other hand, dentists say children should drink tap water if they live in one of the relatively few areas-Like San Francisco--To prevent tooth decay, the supply of water has been fluorescent.Although state law provides for fluoride treatment of the state's main water supply system, only 17% of California's residents get fluorine in tap water.Many water systems-Mainly outside the city, but also the Santa Clara Valley--Don't be fluorescent because of the cost, and don't be fluorescent because of the long-term belief that fluorescence is a communist conspiracy."This is a rural area and there is still this attitude," admitted Burnett of Calaveras County ."."Now we don't have to worry about the Communist Party, it could be a terrorist plot in Iraq," he added with a smile .".In areas where there is fluorine water, there are now well-off children with tooth decay."In a better community where people give their children bottled water, the decay phenomenon reappears," said San Francisco dentist Michael Fox ."."I provide tap water for my own children.But he won't serve his adults.Fox admits that guests can do anything but filter the water."The taste of city water is not as good as before.The waiter at one of the most famous restaurants in San Francisco said: "The word has not yet been passed to the restaurant industry, where the tap water supply is standard."We should ask them if they like bottled water, but we should check it for sales purposes," he noted."In March 1993, more than 100 people died of the parasite in Milwaukee, which infected the municipal water supply system.About 400,000 people are ill.This is the most terrible news report on pollutants in water in recent years.But not the only one.Last week, the Chronicle reported that a recent study found that some of the top household waterThe filtration system actually increases lead in drinking water.Lead is associated with brain damage, learning disabilities and ADHD in young children, as well as kidney problems, hypertension, anemia and nerve damage in adults.Lead can come from the service lines connected to the home or from the pipes of the home over 30 years old.It can also penetrate into the water from the brass taps of some filtration systems.In addition, some systems increase dissolution by making the water more corrosive.To learn more about lead test water, please call San Francisco Environmental Health Center (415) 974-6647.There are other dangers to worry about.--According to a study by the California Department of Health Services, trihalogen methane (THMs) in water supply is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage in women who drink five glasses or more a day, published in the February issue of The Journal of Medicine, Epidemiology.The levels of the communities vary.Local water authorities say they are working to reduce the content of THMs, a chemical formed when chlorine reacts with acid in plant materials.Another concern for THMs is their link to increased cancer risk.Relevant consumers should consult local water suppliers for more information about the water supply THMs.For more information on this study, please visit the website: 1996, a suspected carcinogenic substance known as MTBE, the-Uncle Ding ether, has invaded California's wells and reservoirs when it was added to gasoline to reduce air pollution.Tosco RefineryThe third of the countryThe largest refinery, announced on AprilThe monthly pilot program, which will stop using controversial chemical additives in gasoline sold at "76" gas stations in kangtra Costa, Malin and Sonoma County.It is not known whether other refineries will follow suit.--People living in agricultural areas-For example, Chualar in Monterey County, where residents were told not to drink municipal water before digging a new well ---Due to the pollution of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, it is recommended to be vigilant against water.A Washington-According to the parenting Journal, a non-profit organization called the Environmental Working Group, which regularly studies farm issues, recommends that families in these areas use bottled water or filtered water, especially when mixing infant formula.--The giateria parasite in drinking water may be the culprit of a disease called water leakage.According to Newsweek magazine last November, some doctors and nutritionists believe that intestinal syndrome is the culprit of diseases such as asthma and chronic fatigue syndrome.Consumers should contact their water suppliers for more information.--Opponents argue that fluoride is not a harmless toothhealth miracle-The promoter claimed the worker.Most areas of the Bay Area have water for fluoride, including San Francisco and most of the contara Costa, Alameda, Marin and San Mateo counties.But in other parts of California, big cities like San Diego and Los Angeles don't.Despite the sharp drop in cavity rates in areas with fluorine-containing water, some skeptics say their opposition is based on reasonable health issues, including the long termLong-term effects of fluoride intake, rather than long-term conspiracy theories related to anti-FluorineMovement of fluoride.The liberal city of Santa Cruz, due to security concerns, refuses to add fluorine unless authorized by the public vote."It has nothing to do with right --wing or left-Santa Cruz mayor Celia Scott told the Sacramento Bee after six votes in the City Council1. Oppose fluoride.People from all over the world raised questions about fluoride." --According to the San Francisco Department of Public Health, about 500 San Francisco people have been diagnosed with cryptospore disease in the past five years.The situation in Milwaukee is the worst on record, but in Carrollton, Georgia.In 1987, 13,000 people were infected with cryptospores.The water source is contaminated tap water.Although there is no connection with the San Francisco water supply in the local case, people with impaired immune systems should consult their doctor about drinking tap water."(San Francisco's water source) there are some of the lowest levels of cryptospores in the country," the April 1998 water quality report released by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission assured residents.Nevertheless, the report warned: "Our water is safe but not sterile."Customers with natural immune deficiency, defects caused by HIV/AIDS, chemotherapy, increased risk of immune systemInhibition therapy for transplant, or people who are very young or very old, should consult their health --Care about the use of all municipal drinking water." --C.G.The purity of bottled water is regulated by the United States.S.Food and Drug AdministrationBottled-Water manufacturers who are members of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) must meet stricter standards.FDA enforces "good manufacturing specifications" to set standards for bottling operations and requires testing of water source and finished products.The FDA has also developed labeling standards, for example, products marked with "mineral water" must comply with the defined requirements.IBWA members produce 85% of bottled water sold in the United States and must undergo additional unannounced annual inspections by independent organizations to determine compliance.--C.G.For years, cautious consumers have been convinced that the filter will improve the safety of tap water.They may have trusted too much.In a study reported by The Chronicle on Friday, two ordinarySink filtration units were found to distribute water containing lead at three times the federal standard and 60 to 70 times the stricter state standard.The amount of lead in water from the other four systems also exceeds the level set by California's Proposition 65.toxics law.The study was commissioned by the University of North Carolina Institute of Environmental Quality San Francisco-The headquarters is located in the Environmental Health Center.The two highest levels are Omni OT-2 and Frank UFIDA;Four other models-Ametek CWF, Amway WTS, Aqua-Pure general reporting format and water boss MPD--Discharge water with slightly higher lead content.Sometimes it's wading.Conflict Information About tap-The water filter is useful from the base.Glass bottle from filter ($6-$22) to "reverse-Infiltration System ($450-$900) installed under the sink.Easier between the twoThe sink model, the unit installed on the faucet and the equipment placed on the countertop.And an independent office-Water cooler (around $20 per month ).Some Americans-Like many Europeans.-Buy all their drinksWater supply for plastic bottles.In last July, Consumer Reports assessed various types of filtration systems-A fraction of $2.5 billion filter-system market --Taste ratings and tests to remove organic compounds, lead and parasites were performed on them.Tests conducted in the consumer reporting Laboratory found that the carafe filter does not filter parasites while improving the taste of water and removing some contaminants.Testing on other types of filters found a big change.A faucet-Culligan WaterWare FM-installation filters listed for $122, filter out the parasite, the effect of removing organic compounds is very good, and the effect of eliminating lead and improving taste is also very good.Consumer Reports show that,osmosis under-Kinetico 518, Sears 625, sink and other models.347050, Rainsoft 9591 and Echowater ERO2923 remove other organic and inorganic substances in addition to lead.One of them, Rainsoft, which sells for $900, has improved taste but does not filter out parasites;Another $900 Kinetico has the highest rating on taste and has also cleared the parasite.With testing and discussion-One manufacturer cited in the recent leading research has agreed to meet the leading standards by November and another has withdrawn a product line from the market-Families should assess their needs and risks.But since the highest lead level occurs after the tap-Filter or other--After opening, the Environmental Health Center recommends that consumers first run the water for 10 seconds before filling the glass.--C.G.
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