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bottled water dispensers - purified water dispenser

by:Ocpuritech     2019-11-26
bottled water dispensers  -  purified water dispenser
There are two basic models of bottled water dispensers on the market, separate dispenser and counter top dispenser.
These bottled water dispensers are large and easy to use.
For easy cleaning, they have a button faucet and a removable drip tray.
Most of these dispensers have child-proof hot water taps and have limited warranty.
There are three varieties of independent bottle water dispensers.
The dispenser can be a cold unit, only cold water can be allocated;
Hot and Cold units that can distribute both hot water and cold water;
And the latest various units that can distribute hot water, cold water, water at room temperature.
There are separate taps for each operation.
For homeowners who like to own rather than rent a water dispenser, the bottled water dispenser is a great choice.
There are also models of Terracotta Warriors, stone products and mini coolers with hot and cold taps.
Customers only need to buy 5 gallons of bottles or fill them up at home if they have a purifier.
These dispensers are also available on portable or counter models.
A major drawback of the bottled water dispenser is maintenance.
If the water dispenser is not used frequently, or during the summer months when the temperature is high, the fresh taste of bottled water may be difficult to achieve.
Proper care for bottled water and water dispensers must be a priority.
It is recommended to store the whole bottle at a constant temperature and, if possible, in a cool place.
This inhibits the expansion and contraction of the micromaterials that can be introduced into the bottle.
This also helps to prevent the growth of algae.
The person who replaced the bottle must wash their hands and wipe the top and neck of the new bottle with a clean sterile cloth.
The bottled water dispenser must be cleaned at least once a month by removing the empty water bottle and adding 1 tablespoon of bleach to the reservoir.
Add enough cold water from the tap to let the bleach fill the pipe between the reservoir and the tap and keep the bleach solution 5-10 minutes.
Clean the reservoir with a small brush cloth or sponge.
Add a few cups of fresh bottled water and rinse the bleach thoroughly.
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