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commercial water filter system How to Make a Camping Shower

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-14
commercial water filter system How to Make a Camping Shower
You can take a bath while camping, hiking or paddling, which has a big impact on your travel fun.There are several types of ready typeCamping showers are available commercially, but it may be cheaper to make it yourself, and it's simple.This version uses an improved chemical pump spray bottle, which is usually sold at a hardware store for spraying bleach or lawn chemicals.With this 1-Gallon bottle, you should have enough water for one person to spray off and rinse with soap for about 10 minutes, although you will use less water and lower water pressure than yourhome shower.It is possible to use the spray bottle as it is, but some simple modifications will make it more convenient and comfortable to use.The bottle should be equipped with a plastic hose to connect the bottle to the nozzle.You may find that it is better to use a longer, more flexible hose shower than the included hose.If you want to take a hot bath or set up a privacy facility in a group camp, you can take some extra steps to detail this very simple model.Description difficulty: use a knife to cut the hose off the bottle and leave 1-An inch of lip sticking out of the bottle.Then cut the other end of the hose off the handle of the nozzle and leave 1-again-Inch lip extended from the handle.Replace the hose of the bottle with a flexible rubber medical hose.Install the end of the pipe around the plastic lip sticking out of the bottle.Ensure safety by wrapping heavy objectsThere are several rubber bands on duty around the tubing.You can also fix the pipe using tape or aquarium sealant, but the rubber band allows you to remove the shower.Repeat step 2 at the other end to install the pipe on the plastic lip of the nozzle.Fix the tubing with another rubber band.Fill the bottle with water and pump the spray nozzle.Check whether there is a leak at both ends of the tubing.If either end leaks, close the spray, empty the bottle and readjust the rubber band.This is everything you need to do to make the most basic cold water camp shower.You can fix another rubber band around the pump trigger on the sprayer nozzle to hold it down.This will create a continuous spray to free your hands.In this way, it helps to hang the sprayer nozzle above you from a branch or other stand-out.Warm shower using solar energy.If you want a warm shower, which is a sunny, fairly warm day (60 degrees or more), you can heat your water with solar energy in front of the shower.Fill the bottle with water, measure a gallon and pour the water into a black plastic garbage bag.Squeeze out the air from the bag and fasten the top.To reduce the risk of leakage, put this in another garbage bag.Hang the bag in a sunny place with a rope.Unless the weather is hot, the ground will be colder than the air, so please keep the bag off the ground.Earlier in the afternoon, when the sun was strongest, it was the best time to do so.Depending on the air temperature, your water should be warm (not hot) after about three hours ).You can also use the water heated in the stove or in the pan on the fire, but be sure to fill the bottle with half the cold water first and then test the temperature of the water before spraying it yourself.Consider building a fence for privacy.If you are camping in a public camp or group, you can also build a privacy fence with a tarp or plastic cloth.Fold the waterproof cloth in half, tie its two top corners together with a rope, pass through the metal cable ring of the waterproof cloth, or cut new holes with a knife.Tie the other end of the rope to a branch or other stand-out.Tie the length of the rope to at least two other points on the top edge of the tarp, then tie the other rope to the outside in the opposite direction, creating a vertical pipe with an entrance slit.The tip and warning article by Katie Lora is Brooklyn, New York-Writers and outdoor enthusiasts who have been writing since 2005.She has worked in a non-profit organization and is an avid cyclist, runner, hiker and crossNone of the National skiers have the advantage of owning a car.She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in urban planning and journalism from New York University.
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