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company profile for consolidated water co ltd - reverse osmosis water system reviews

by:Ocpuritech     2019-11-09
company profile for consolidated water co ltd  -  reverse osmosis water system reviews
United WaterLtd.
Development and operation of desalination plant (
Using reverse osmosis technology)
And water supply systems in areas where there is a natural shortage or non-supply of drinking waterexistent.
The company operates in three departments: Retail water business, bulk water business and service business.
Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, the company provides various services to customers in the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Belize, the British Virgin Islands and Indonesia.
The retail water operations division of the retail water operations company produces and supplies water for end users, including residential, commercial and government customers.
The company sells water to a range of residential, commercial and government customers through its subsidiary Cayman water Limited (Cayman Water).
The company's retail business in the Cayman Islands produces drinking water at four reverse osmosis seawater conversion plants in Grand Cayman Island, located in the Abel Castillo water plant (ACWW)
Sites of Britannia and West Bay.
It owns the land of the ACWW and West Bay factories.
The production capacity of more than two factories located in ACWW is about 2.
2 million gallons of water per day.
The Britannia plant produces more than 715,000 gallons per day.
The West Bay plant produces about 910,000 gallons per day.
The bulk water operations division of the bulk water operations company produces drinking water from sea water and sells the water to government and private customers.
Ocean conversion through its subsidiaries (Cayman)Limited (OC-Cayman)
The company provides bulk wateror-
Payment of base fees to the water authorityCayman (WAC)
It is a government-owned utility and regulator under various agreements.
The WAC in turn rationalizes these moisture to properties in the Greater Cayman area outside its retail license area.
The water it sold to WAC was produced in about three reverse osmosis seawater conversion plants on Grand Cayman Island, owned by WAC but designed, built and operated by OC
The Cayman Islands include the Red Gate, Beiyin and North Side water plants with a production capacity of about 1.
3 million, over 1.
6 million and about 2.
4 million gallons of water per day.
The factory it operates for WAC is located on the land owned by WAC.
In Belize, the company operates through its subsidiary, bidlidated water (Belize)Limited (CW-Belize).
The company owns the reverse osmosis seawater conversion plant in Belize and leases the land where its plant is located.
The plant produces about 600,000 gallons per day.
On the island of longsiang, Belize, the company supplies water to Belize Water Co. , Ltd. (BWSL)
A government-controlled entity that distributes moisture to residential, commercial and tourist properties through its own plumbing system.
BWSL mainly supplies water to residential, small hotels and businesses serving the tourism market.
The company sells bulk water in the Bahamas to the Bahamas water and sewage treatment company (WSC)
And through its subsidiaries, Water (Bahamas)Ltd. (CW-Bahamas).
It supplies bulk water from Windsor, Blue Mountains and Bimini plants in the Bahamas.
The company supplies water from the Blue Mountains plant, which has more than 12 seawater conversion facilities.
Millions of gallons per day.
The Bimini plant has a capacity of about 115,000 gallons per day, supplying water to private resorts. The high-
The pressure pump at the Windsor and Blue Mountains plant in the Bahamas is a diesel engine-driven.
It provides bulk water to WSC, which distributes water to residential, commercial and tourist properties in New Providence Island through its own plumbing system.
The service operation department of the service operation company provides engineering and management services, including the design and construction of desalination plants, as well as the management and operation of plants owned by subsidiaries.
The company provides design, engineering and construction services for seawater desalination projects through DesalCo Co. , Ltd (DesalCo)
This is the original equipment manufacturer of the Company's reverse osmosis desalination plant.
DesalCo also provides management services for company affiliates.
The engineering department of the company also conducts research and development. Aquilex, Inc.
S. Subsidiary in Coral Springs, Florida, provides financial, engineering and supply chain support services to its operations.
The company competes with GE Water, Veolia, IDE Technologies, GS Inima, OHL Inima and Biwater PLC. West Bay Road, P. O.
KY1-1114 box in Grand Cayman Island1102P: +1345. 94 54277f: 1345.
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