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di water filter How to Dispose of a Pur Water Filter

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-28
di water filter How to Dispose of a Pur Water Filter
Among the many activities about how much water filters improve the environment compared to buying bottled water, you may want to know about water filters.Although some water filter companies have implemented a plan to recycle or reuse filters, there is not one PUR filtration system owned by P & G as of February 2009.However, according to Joe E.In an article in The New York Times, Heimlich said that dealing with filters is much less harmful to the environment than bottled water plastic bottles.
Take the water filter from your water tank, tapInstall or refrigerator.Write down the filter number of the product and whether it is double-stage or three-Stage filter (for faucet-Install the filter ).If you replace the Pur filter in the kitchen assistant and Whirlpool refrigerator, this is essential because there are several types.
If the model number cannot be found, please refer to the PUR article "compare water filters" listed in the additional resources ".Put the water filter into the garbage bag.Check out PUR water filter systems (see other resources) to see if they have started recycling plans.
Brita began recycling its filters in January 2009.None of PUR as of February 2009.However, PUR is trying to create a reusable module, according to Green by Design.Don't try to cut the water filter out and recycle it with a handsaw.
The carbon inside the filter now contains contaminants removed from your water supply system.It's better to throw away the whole device and then try to recycle the plastic
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