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difference between reverse osmosis and filtered water Bottled Water Or Filtered Water?

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-30
difference between reverse osmosis and filtered water Bottled Water Or Filtered Water?
Bottled water or filtered water is a health and budget decision!Have you ever thought about which is the healthiest option for your drinking water needs, bottled water or filtered water?Obviously, the healthiest choice should be our top priority, but we have to make choices in this difficult economic environment.Difficult choices sometimes!But when we make a choice between bottled water or filtered water, it would be great if we could have a healthy and cheap best of both worlds!Many of us have developed the habit of buying and drinking bottled water, and we have never considered the cost issue.Bottled water has become a part of a lot of people's daily budget, just like bread and milk.
But now, in the face of economic difficulties, people are looking for possible ways to cut budgets and save money.Public drinking water crisis!Tests and monitoring have shown that many small and large municipal drinking water supplies contain hazardous levels of contaminants, including prescription drugs, heavy metals, rust and sediment, chlorine-Tolerant cysts or parasites, chemicals and corporate waste on farms, and even human feces.Our government's solution to the crisis is to keep pouring more and more bleach into our water!Now, how healthy is this?Our best choice!Wherever you go, you see people walking around or driving with a bottle of water in their hands, they believe that what they are doing is a viable solution to our municipal drinking water crisis and think it is fashionable.
This is actually a rather expensive trend, as the price of bottled water may rise to a dollar per gallon depending on the brand.More for some brands!In fact, many families pay up to $280 to $400 a year for bottled water.Bottled water is a logistical solution to provide drinking water for victims, and do not confuse with real bottled water products such as Perrier.
When bottled water became fashionable, it gave birth to a varietyThe billion-dollar industry cheated the public and convinced them that they had a safer option than drinking our tap water.Bottled water can be more dangerous for your health than the water in the tap!Plastic bottles for bottled water are made up of toxic compounds that cause these toxins to be released into the water when the bottle is exposed to the sun.Even short contact can lead to the release of these toxins, even if you can't see or taste them.
A bottle of plastic bottle of water in the sun is about an hour old and you will taste a poisonous potion.Most brands of bottled water are just "re-processed" tap water, which improves taste and smell through charcoal filters, but has little effect on removing the hazardous contaminants you are trying to remove first to avoid.Tests of popular brands of bottled water showed that the same pollutant features or levels were found in tap water from their source.
There is no government authority to regulate the bottled water industry, so remind consumers (buyers be careful!), You believe that the company that produces and sells bottled water will protect your health.Bottled water adds to the pollution of the Earth!How many tons of empty plastic bottles can we hold in our landfill?Our landfill sites are flooded every year with thousands of tons of empty plastic bottles that take many years to break up.When producing plastic water bottles, dangerous fluorine hydrocarbons are released into the Earth's atmosphere during the manufacturing process.
Raw materials are produced from fossil fuel resources, so there is a lot of controversy in the initial process and in the transportation of raw materials.Home water filter is a practical way to solve our drinking water crisis!When I went to the grocery store, I often saw parents with their children, their shopping carts filled with groceries and a few boxes of bottled water, and I felt they were struggling to make ends meet.They buy bottled water because they think it's the best thing for their family, but I think if they have an extra $200, how much impact it will have on that family, $400 or even $800 a year!There is no doubt that high quality household water filters are the most practical solution to our drinking water needs and the crisis we face!Not only will the home water filter system allow you to control the quality of your drinking water, but you still have hundreds of dollars in your budget, and if you choose bottled, the money will not be in there water instead of filtered water.
Unfortunately, if you research and investigate the water filter industry like I did, you will come to the conclusion, as I did, the most attractive advertising on the Internet or the most attractive website of the water filter company is usually the lowest quality!How much can I save?A high quality residential countertop or under a counter water filter can produce pure water for only $ 99%.05 to $.15 cents per gallonImagine if you could cut your drinking water budget by 85% to 90% and get cleaner, healthier water in the deal.Or in other words, you can save between $267 and $800 a year!This is not a very smart person!Not all water filters are equal!There is too much confusion when choosing a residential water filter system.
Some people think that any filter is OK, or you need the most expensive system to get the water as clean and safe as possible.Not really!The small water filters provided by local department stores and most online stores are not designed enough to remove the hazardous contaminants found in most municipal drinking water supplies.The filter cartridge used is usually too small, and usually only one filtration technique (carbon) is used to filter the water, which is only effective for improving the taste and smell of the water.
These lower quality filters are mainly for you to come back and buy more filters.On the other hand, the cost of an expensive reverse osmosis water filter system may exceed $1,000.But unless your drinking water source has a lot of salt content or radiation, you only need a reverse osmosis system.
High quality residential water filter system using a variety of technologies is the best choice in the vast majority of cases.These systems are very easy to install and can be placed on or under your countertop for prices ranging from $100 to $200.Not only should you consider the cost of the device itself, you will also need to look at the overall operating cost based on the replacement of the filter and its expected life.
BUYER BEWARE!Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake water filters in China flooding the market, so please make sure you buy water filters from US manufacturers or authorized distributors.Beware of the water filters provided through MLM (multi-level marketing) companies that add commissions and profits layer by layer to price.Because household or household water filters are health-related equipment, I personally believe that a credible independent testing agency and verifiable quality control means are required to make a credible record of the filtering effect.
For this reason, I conclude from my research that "Made in America" water filters are the best option for home water filter systems.However, I find that not all American manufacturers are worthy of our trust!Anyone can build a water filter!There are hundreds of water filters in stores and on the Internet.In fact, almost anyone can build a "water filter "!\ "Simply go to Home Depot to buy a piece of PVC pipe and a few hats with pipe fittings at both ends, plug a roll of paper towels in the PVC pipe and va la, you have a water filter!Do you think this will produce the clean and safe drinking water you want for you and your family?There are products that won't give you better results than this crazy illustration.
My point is that just because a company claims that their product is a water filter and it removes dangerous contaminants from your tap water, don't trust them!Don't believe what they say will affect your health.Only purchase water filters from an already certified companyTo-Date test results from trusted independent testing agencies!What you want to do is first look for the "water inflow" amount and then compare the results after the water passes through the filtration system.Only in this way can you make sure you invest in a water filter system that will bring you the results you want.
Ideas and suggestions!When I was asked this question that is best for our health, bottled water or filtered water, the answer is clear: the water filtered through the high quality water filter system is by far the safest, the healthiest and cheapest option.The consequences of drinking water containing hazardous contaminants can take years to manifest itself in a terrible way.Then it may be too late to do something!Unless you are an unfortunate victim of some kind of major disaster and need bottled water to survive, I strongly recommend that you throw away the bottle and consider making a modest investment in high-quality household filters.
Installing and using a high quality household filter system may be the best step for us to improve our health.What do you think about bottled water and filtered water?-Do you think bottled water is the best choice for safe drinking water or filtered water?The bottled water industry is a diversified industry.Billions of dollars in industry, but do you believe that the water in these bottles is safer and more economical than high quality household filters? Household water filters allow you to have more cost for the quality of drinking water?What do you think is the best choice for safe and economical drinking water?Portable Infrared heater reviews!When I decided to post my portable IR heater review, I felt it was important to provide my personal experience from the actual purchase and use of.
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