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difference between reverse osmosis and filtered water Desert Survival Tips

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-16
difference between reverse osmosis and filtered water Desert Survival Tips
Being lost outdoors is an inharmonious experience.It's terrible to get lost in a huge barren desert.In extreme cases, however, terror can be a paralyzing killer.Knowing what to do in a given situation will not only help you survive and find help, but will also relax your mind.There are two main sources of water in the desert: groundwater and water reserved by plants.The quickest and most reliable way to get water is to cut off the top of the cactus and squeeze out the juice.Put some flesh into the mouth, drain all the liquid flesh, and discard the flesh.If there is no cactus nearby, find a lower place.Dig deep until the water begins to penetrate and drink.The hot desert sun is ruthless.It will blister your skin and let you flow the last drop of water from your body.However, the shadow area may be 20 degrees Fahrenheit lower than direct sunlight.Building a sun-Closed shelters help to keep moisture and prevent serious sunburn.Build a sanctuary in the desert and find a large piece of Sunshineblocking cloth.Fix each side of the cloth with stones and leave you a gap.If lost in the desert, look for a low area and dig a trench under the surface of the sand to rest.The area below the surface is much colder than the surface.When you are lost in the desert, the best chance of your survival may come from the signal of seeking help.In the desert there are several possible ways to signal: fire, smoke, information, and noise.To make a fire, you need to collect a large number of items first to keep the fire going: fire, kindle, wood or brush.Three fires are generated continuously or in triangles as distress signals.Light the fire with matches or glass to enlarge the heat of the sun.For the smoke signal, place something damp on the fire, or ignite the car tire for attention.To create a message, list additional clothing or materials to clarify your message.For audio tips, please bring the whistle.Blow out loud when you hear someone approaching.You can also use the mirror to shine the sun on the plane to catch the attention of the plane.The old saying "desperate times need to take desperate measures" certainly applies to the survival of the desert.At the end of the day, everything is food.Insect protein levels are high and can be found anywhere on Earth.Search or dig the meal under the rock.Reptiles are also a good choice because they are also high in protein content.In addition, reptiles are easy to catch.If possible, get all the reptiles ready before eating.Mammals are also a good source of food.However, most desert mammals come out only at night and it is difficult to catch them.This article is written by Heather RutherfordHeather Rutherford since 2004.Her article appears in the journal Modern Mom.com, DailyLife.Com, ParentsHut.com, Trails.com and On-the-News.She also works closely with several small businesses to prepare business plans and other marketing materials.Rutherford is seeking a commercial art assistant at the College of northern Idaho.
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