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flow valve How to Clear Your Mask While Snorkeling

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-11
flow valve How to Clear Your Mask While Snorkeling
There are many reasons to clean the mask during snorkeling.Sometimes the sudden waves will hit your mask and force the water to seal through its protection.Inappropriate masks may also gradually leak water that needs to be cleaned regularly.You can also intentionally flood your mask in order to clear the fog.Although some masks come with one-Designed to attract beginners flow valve, learn the correct maskCleaning technology allows you to avoid these masks and choose the most suitable ones.Explain the difficulty: Clean your mask underwater instead of returning to the water.This will make sure you have a tighter seal on your mask as the water pressure will press it on your face.Breathe in through your snorkeling to get the full air.If your mask is loosened by the waves, your snorkeling may also be filled with water and needs to be cleaned up.Before taking a deep breath, blow the snorkel hard to clear it.Tilt your head a little back.You don't need to clear the water with your mask.You just want your nostrils to lean down to avoid accidentally sucking water into your nose.Press the top of the mask on your forehead with your palm or finger.This creates a tight seal on the top that allows you to evacuate the water from the bottom of the mask.Breathe through your nose.The extra air in your mask will force the water out.Re-adjust your mask if necessary to make sure it is firmly and comfortably attached to your face.The tip and warning article written by Carl BrannonCarl Brannon is a legal and political commentator whose work appears in the Journal of Law and philosophy as well as in legal blogs and articlesHe has been a writer since the 2008 s.He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of California, San Diego and a doctorate in law from Lewis and Clark Law Schools.
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