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how to build reverse osmosis water filter How to Filter Rainwater for Drinking

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-09

Every drop of water is considered precious, which impressed us.When the water shortage is most serious, we must learn the art of filtering rain water so that it can be drunk....You must have heard this motto before.We have reached the stage of environmental protection, protection is considered the most precious theme, recycling the most responsive things.Rain has always been a fun and playful season to wash away dirt from trucks, cars and carts.There is no difference in the rain. in order to make nature greener and more vivid, the rain has been pouring in generously.However, the environment has become a king in the present situation.Pollution, population, and a comfortable rest in dirty places.They have successfully destroyed the natural ecological balance of the environment. it is hell.Determined to continue their efforts.The water bodies are exhausted, the population is increasing, and the pollution is increasing.Since we have been interfering with the operation of nature, we have now finally reached a stage where we must filter the rain to drink.Some may use this as part of a DIY activity, some may put time and effort into killing time, and some may do something specific to save to some extentOf course, rain must be filtered before consumption.Many people may have this problem and they may wonder why it is necessary to filter and purify the rain water before it is declared drinkable.The actual state of the rain does not require any purification process, but after the pollution factors seriously damage the environment, in order to make the rain water drinkable and worth the consumption, people must make extra efforts.You can also use a homemade rain bucket to collect rain and use it for home use.If you follow the instructions in this section of the article, rain can be suitable for drinking.Here's how you can make water suitable for drinking.You may need to bring two containers.You can buy two barrels even if you don't.Take a bucket and cut it from the bottom of it.Put this barrel on another full barrel.Now you have a big bucket for rain.When you have your big container ready, you can dig a hole in the bottom of the bucket placed under the deep invisible bottom bucket.Take the hose and measure the diameter and dig a hole in the bottom of the complete barrel.When the hole is cut out, insert the vinyl hose into the hole.Fix the pipe thoroughly with sealant or glue so that it does not slide out and can resist pressure.Put a table at the scene.Dig a hole in the center of the table.This hole is to facilitate the insertion of the vinyl tube through it.Now, put your big container on the table.Make sure the hose is plugged in-free;Any bending can cause water leakage.Water bottles or large cups;Everything can beThe only condition is that it should have considerable storage capacity.Place the bottle under the table so the hose can slide into it easily.When the rain filter model is ready, you must install polyester padding between containers and place carbon on top of it.Carbon will eliminate chemicals and contaminants present in the water.Replace the polyester liner every month so that the collected sediment does not further block the liner, causing the particles to be released again in the collected water, making the water unsuitable for drinking.That's how you get your drinking water.According to the instructions mentioned in this article, filtering rain water is no longer a "task" to be completed ".Instead, it will be an exciting and productive activity.In this way, we may eventually save water and recycle it forever.
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