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how to build reverse osmosis water filter How to Make Distilled Water

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-10

Distillation is a water purification technology.In the coming decades, distillation technology will play an increasingly important role when drinking water resources are scarce.Water, this magical molecule, is a combination of oxygen atoms and two hydrogen atoms, a pioneer of life and one of the most abundant resources on Earth.The problem is that although about 71% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, it is salt water and cannot be consumed.This is where distillation enters the picture, and as a technology, highly pure drinking water can be obtained from any impure source.The distillation method is in principle the same as the one that makes rainfall possible.Due to the heat generated by the sun, the sea water evaporates to form a cloud.The cloud condenses to our rain.So if you want to know what distillation is, understand how nature makes it possible to have rainfall.In principle, the process is very simple.First, heat the non-pure water in the container until the boiling point (100 degrees Celsius or 211) is reached ).73 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level ).Then, collect the generated steam and transport it to another closed container maintained at a lower temperature through the appropriate device.The second container should be cooled by placing it on ice or covering it with a damp cloth.Deliver steam from one container to another with a tube.Make sure it doesn't spread.Clean the second container and connecting tubes thoroughly and make sure they are disinfected.Similarly, just as the dew formed by the fog on the leaves, due to the sudden drop in temperature, the transported steam will condense in the container.Therefore, after separating the water component from the mixture, the rest is the impurity.For example, if you heat the sea water, you will find that salt is left in the container and there are other impurities.That's what salt from the seaside does.However, the distillation does not guarantee the removal of 100% impurities.Some chemicals and impurities can be evaporated with water and condensed again.Therefore, they cannot be deleted by this process.Other technologies are needed to separate these chemicals and ions.One thing that the boiling process ensures is to kill most microorganisms that exist in non-pure water.This is the basic structure of the distillation process.Now, in the process, you can change the heating and cooling mechanism, or the number of times you boil water.Double steaming water is more pure.People can always experiment with the heating mechanism.A time when pure water sources will be threatened and will become scarce will come.Like crude oil, drinking water will become an expensive commodity.At that time, distillation would be a life.saving process.In many countries, solar energy is the heating mechanism, and a distillation center is planned to be built by the sea.After other impurities are treated with seawater, they convert seawater into drinking water.This is a huge business opportunity for the future.It is safe to use distilled water.Although it removes all impurities, it also removes valuable minerals that exist in it.Instead, the mineral intake from the water is of very small quality and can be supplemented by diet.It also does not have the taste we are used to, in the water of natural origin, like a river.The same is true for bottled water.This can be solved by adding the necessary amount of minerals to improve taste and health.Distilled water is free of impurities and is therefore ideal for a variety of industrial applications used as coolant, lubricant and solvents.Do not use it for aquariums, because it cannot sustain life unless it is rich in certain chemicals and nutrients.Distilled water can be easily made anytime, anywhere.All you need is a tube that delivers heated steam between the two containers and a cooling mechanism for the second container.For example, you can heat the water by using a convex lens or magnifying glass, by focusing the sun on the container.Try different materials for the container, such as transparent plastic that can withstand high temperature.This way, you can experiment and build your own distillation kit for distilled water when you are outdoors.Try it out.
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