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innovation + tradition = delicious ice cream! - 5 stage reverse osmosis system

by:Ocpuritech     2019-11-07
innovation + tradition = delicious ice cream!  -  5 stage reverse osmosis system
This is a big company famous for celebrating small business. town values.
Celebrate the success of 40 years-
Chapman's ice cream, considered Canada's largest independent ice cream maker, is celebrating the 40 th anniversary of making delicious real ice cream, frozen yogurt and other frozen foods from the prime area of rural Ontario.
The business balances traditional rural values through innovative products and production methods.
"Our values are traditional and our business is innovative --
"This is a successful combination," said Vice President Ashley Chapman, adding that these values are based on rural communities: independence, resilience, innovation, compassion and frank honesty.
That's how Chapman survived. and thrived —
In one by two large more
National Ice Cream manufacturer.
It is these common values that have helped rural communities and ice cream businesses work together to overcome the devastating factory fires that occurred at Chapman's ice cream production plant, and all administrative offices were burned down in 2009.
The fire is traumatic in any case, but Chapman is also one of the largest employers in the area
The fire left 350 people out of work.
"We re-started production in a nearby dry factory in 7 weeks.
It is impossible to build a new country. of-the-
So we built a whole new facility, "Chapman said.
Came back from the ashes.
It's no surprise that the latest building in Chapman center is called Phoenix-
This is an integral part of Chapman's ice cream culture and the backbone of the rural community that makes ice cream.
"We call it ice cream because that's what it is --
Made with real butter fat instead of vegetable oil and 100% Canadian dairy products
All the honest ingredients, "Chapman added.
By tradition alone, Chapman has not become the largest seller of frozen yogurt and the largest independent ice cream maker in Canada.
Product innovation helps to keep Chapman's brand on top in Canada.
Recently, the company's new sport, Lolly, was named the top ten most innovative products at the annual Western grocery store presentation.
Usually these products are innovative
Sometimes new lines.
Created in response to customer reviews.
From the grassroots to the core-
Penny Chapman notes that from the many letters, emails, and Facebook comments that the company has received, it's clear what people are enjoying and what they want to see.
And Chapman's green!
This company has its own
Reservoir and Pump Room (once burned ).
They also have their own garbage in order to prevent tax on the municipal system
Water treatment plant.
Another "green" Innovation is the newly installed Country --of-the-
Art reverse osmosis system allowing Chapman to re-use
100% of the production wastewater generated using the roof condenser.
Since the fire, other technological innovations have been introduced.
Innovation that really improves the quality and taste of ice cream.
The production of ice cream is largely due to science.
At Chapman's, once the ice cream is packed, it is transferred to one of the largest spiral freezers in North America, where it takes about two hours to freeze. (
Two people before.
10 liters of ice cream
14 hours to freeze.
"A quick freeze made a smaller ice cream, which allowed us to produce more creamy, smoother ice cream products," says Ashley Chapman . ".
We will give it a cone!
Check Chapman.
Ca learn more.
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