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is reverse osmosis water good for pets Imagine...

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-26
Imagine that when I first came to this forum six years ago, my actions were responsible.Unlike the horse ass, it helps other members, make friends in the industry, keep up with Google's changes and make adjustments accordingly.\ RImagine 8 years later I am a respected person and in any case I want to help him if things get bad.
Today, grab my last glimmer of hope, a gentleman with whom I would like to work to create a synth patch told me bluntly that my work is not good enough to be sold on his website.This is after I put my heart and soul into making these best synthetic patches I can do.\ RMy dance training package was poorly conceived from the beginning.
I really don't know who my target market is but still don't.\ RMy royalty free website is also a disaster.Many people have told me that my music is terrible and ridiculous and I want people to pay me or pay me to do custom work for them.
So far, after 1/2 months of the month, the website is online, more than 5,000 songs, and I have done all the $ collection.\ RI can only think, when Suzanne reminds me how I skipped a member for PM \ 'ing here, because I'm too good, too high, too strong, even though he just wanted to talk about my music, maybe that's all my bad karma coming back and biting me because in the last 14 months, I spend more money on my "business" (over 10) in my life, I work harder than ever, even when I was making money by hand, there was almost nothing to show.\ RAnd all this can be avoided by doing more, but as a decent person, don't just because people don't agree with what I say, do and criticize is what I do\ RHad I did a simple thing, don't you think I'll have a lot of fighters coming together to help me?\ RIt is almost like I want to fail, and that's what happens by alienating everyone around me.
A true self-fulfilling prophecy.
Now, I don't have a reliable business model.But I 'd better find one.Now it's clear that I can't rely on my music skills to get one.As much as I like it, I'm not good enough for any aspect of it.
\ RI \ to be honest, since the first time I started surfing the Internet in 2003, I am now more lost than before and don't know.In 4 months I made $28 through an online survey.I finally stumbled upon something that year.
That's it.
it's stupid luck.
Has nothing to do with wisdom.
Because if I had wisdom and true wisdom, I would not have me today...Bankrupt, desperate, scared to death.\ RI no longer has a mother to ask for help. my father abandoned me 51 years ago.My wife supported me, but it took me so far.
She can't do the work for me.
She herself had a headache with his teaching work, thank God it was her job last year and then she was about to retire.\ RI don't know what my future looks like, but I know that.\ RIt is smarter than the poor Illinois news anchor, who announced in the air that he has a brain tumor and has four to six months left.
This report made me know something about things and made me realize that I have no problem relatively speaking.\ RI is not seeking sympathy, and I am certainly not seeking help to build a business because I have almost burned every bridge I have built here.I am grateful to the few who are still troubled by me, although to be honest, I am not worth it.
I did a terrible job, especially recently.\ R but if this has any comfort for those who really want me to leave this forum and never come back again, then everything will come back and bite my ass
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