mobile filtration using reverse osmosis Tough Race for Dublin Council Seats / Two challenging Pleasanton mayor

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-11
mobile filtration using reverse osmosis Tough Race for Dublin Council Seats / Two challenging Pleasanton mayor
2000-10-Dublin-PDT 04:00:00-Current City Council members in the suburbs of Dublin and Pleasanton face residents' challenges in next month's election, saying they can do better.Image of Dublin--A town once famous for many fast foodAutomatic parking and automatic parkingrepair shops --has been fine-Adjusted to high by planThe technical office area, which may include satellite campuses for Symbian, Cisco Systems and Oracle.Dublin Mayor Guy Houston, who is seeking re-electionThe election, which attributed most of the growth to the plan developed by the city and Alameda County a few years ago ---The town he now calls "digital Dublin" has done a lot of marketing."I have two friends working at Cisco.Houston, a 40-year-old commercial mortgage broker, said: "They said, 'I will work in Dublin on a pay cut. '"."We are easing some of the problems.We must bring our work to the people.Houston's challenger is four.City Council candidate Sean CostelloCostello, who used a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy, helped develop a plan for a sidewalk ramp across the city 16 years ago.Now, he wants to make sure that the disabled have the opportunity to get on those coveted Heights --tech jobs.He has been out of work for several years.Dublin Deputy Mayor Janet Lockhart touted her four years in the city council and regional councils during her re-electionelection bid.The congressman, Liz Howard, said she should do it again.She was elected because she struck a balance between growth decision-making and environmental impact.In his second campaign for council seats, planning commissioner Tony olawitz said his top priority was to revitalize the city center.Mark Breazeal, managing consultant who is also running for the City Council, said he hopes elected officials will be able to reach the needs of residents more easily and respond to them.Meanwhile, in Pleasanton, council members Becky Dennis and Tom Picco are competing with the mayor of Bob Coates, the owner of a bed --and-Breakfast in downtown Pleasanton and a former shepherd.Dennis and Picco are both known for being "slow.Supporters of growth, while Coates says his main concern is that the city follows a rigorous development planning process on 510 acres of land known as Bernal property.Current Kay Ayala, high school history teacher Matt Campbell, legal office administrator Jennifer Hosterman and Brent Wood city lawyer Dennis Bier are 15 years residents of PleasantonAyala, 53, said one of the biggest problems facing Pleasanton is that if the sewage pipeline reaches full capacity, the local sewage area plans to inject the treated wastewater into the city's drinking water basinThe processing process, called reverse osmosis, will use the superFine film for filtering impurities from wastewater.The Dublin-The San Ramon service area says the injection is only a last resort."It's never been so long."Health tests," said Ayala, a representative of Pleasanton at the service area committee."We know we have an original basin.Horstmann, who was appointed to the advisory committees, said she wanted to maintain a "quality of life" in Pleasanton ".The city council should continue to focus on growth management and urban services, Campbell said.Beougher, also an assistant city lawyer for 12 years in Pleasanton, said his experience would drive more decisions from a committee reviewing the project.
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