pepsico admits its aquafina water is just tap water - reverse osmosis water system reviews

by:Ocpuritech     2019-11-30
pepsico admits its aquafina water is just tap water  -  reverse osmosis water system reviews
A spokesman for the company insisted that the water was carefully designed as a "filtration process" because they came from the same faucet we used to fill the kettle. The acronym P. W. S.
The label on the bottle confirmed that the water came from the public water source-but now the company let's not forget Coca
The Dasani water of Coke is also from P. W. S.
They have a separate filtering protocol.
Following last month's announcement by the magazine, PepsiCo issued a very angry statement directly documenting its bizarre production methods.
The spokesman wrote: "It comes from public water sources and then goes through strict 7-
Step purification process called hydraulic7™. ‘Hydro-7™ is a state-of the-
Including the artistic process of reverse osmosis and other filtration methods.
It can remove chlorine, salt and other substances that will affect the taste of the sound water.
"That's how we make sure you get a clean, pure taste every time you open a bottle of Aquafina.
If Del Boy and Rodney used water and electricity
7™In that episode of legends with Only Fools and Horses, treat Peckham Spring.
No matter where Pepsi and Coke are
Water with Coke.
According to the a2013 study commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund International, the cleanliness of bottled water is less standard than tap water in the UK and the United States.
In addition, the last study on the cleanliness of bottled water was conducted 15 years ago.
Most bottled water is safe in 1998 Natural Resources Conservation Committee, but some samples contain bacteria or chemicals that exceed national and industry standards.
Unless you make artwork with thousands of plastic bottles, drinking tap water will be a little better for the environment. Just sayin’.
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