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pure earth reverse osmosis Drinking Water Can Cripple You or Make You Blind

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-22
If a person drinks the water in the pond and then dies, then you know that something in the water kills him.The water itself did not kill him.The purpose of water is to transport things.It can transport good things (or bad things) into your body, or it can transport bad things out of your body.
Water may contain many contaminants, and the filter will not remove minerals and will leave many contaminants.Like having good cholesterol and bad cholesterol or good fat and bad fat, there are also good minerals and bad minerals.If you want to build a structure, then you can use iron and metal.
There is a lot of iron in the spinach, but it is not good to build the structure with spinach.Eating spinach will bring beneficial iron to your body.No one died eating iron from spinach.But many people, including children, died of iron supplements.
As far as drinking water is concerned, people will be disabled by arthritis.Lawrence Wilson, MD.Joint problems such as arthritis are one of the main causes of disability around the world.Joints are one of the most subtle structures of the human body, and in many people's eyes they will be punished a lot.
In most cases, the doctor will not solve the deep causes of arthritis, but just prescribe some painkillers, suchsteroidal anti-Inflammatory drugs or NSAID IDs with terrible side effects.Medically classified as osteoarthritis, which often involves the deposition of calcium in joints to some extent.People now know that people need good calcium intake.
In terms of drinking water that makes you blindWilson has a Web page on cataract.Cataract is the hardening and opacity of the lens of the eye.This may lead to blindness in many older people and is one of the most common or common causes of impaired vision in older people.
The eye is one of the most delicate structures of the human body, so it is easy to have difficulties, especially in an era..The form of these minerals is usually oxide.I have known it for many years.This is actually about chemistry. I'm a chemist.But I didn't write an article about it because many people don't like to learn chemistry and there are many people who are very opinionated about water that contains harmful minerals.
But recently I read a brochure about this with some good examples.by Dr.Alan E. Bannick (optometrist, optometrist)D.)..Mr.Linkletter said he "we need someone with a scientific background and a strong interest in research in geriatric medicine.Before telling you the technical names of the good and bad minerals and explaining them, here's a simple biology lesson.
Plants create food from non-plantsFood such as water, sunshine, air and minerals.Animals eat food.Harmful minerals in the soil are good for plants.Minerals in food are good minerals.Modern medicine does not formally recognize the difference between good and bad minerals.
But medicine has nothing to do with health.It's about treating diseases.Now they do know that you may need to be rushed to the hospital if you take a supplement with more than 200 mg of potassium.They also know that it is OK to eat three medium-sized avocados containing about 3,600 mg of potassium.
The difference between food and minerals in non-food.Here is a page of BerkeleyWellness.About potassium pills and potassium supplements.You can see from the reading that they recognize that the source of potassium is different, but don't know what the difference is.
No doctor told people to be careful about eating foods that contain a lot of iron.But there are doctors who tell people not to take supplements containing iron unless they tell you.The best water to drink is pure water.The filter will take something out, but will leave a lot of other things in the water.
.You can filter a gallon of water in less than a minute.It takes about 6 hours to distilled a gallon of water with a household still.The above book says that the water to be consumed is distilled water.
However, there is a very good reverse osmosis water purifier that makes the water almost as pure as distilled water.It takes about an hour to purify water using a reverse osmosis water purifier.As part of the system, there will be more than one filter for good distillers and purifiers to help make the water cleaner.
When buying water, containers are more expensive than water.In Arizona, they have a place to bring their own bottles (or you can buy them) to get water.They have very good and expensive reverse osmosis water purifiers.
The semi-The membranes used are similar to those in the kidneys.They sell water for 25 cents a gallon.R/O water purifier needs water pressure when working.The water distillation plant uses electricity.
Is distilled water the purest water?Joel Fuhrman M.D.He is the leading fasting expert in the United States, and during his fasting, he has his patients drinking distilled spring water.When you take out the good spring water and distilled it.
In the university chemistry lab, we need the purest water..When you distilled the water three timesOf course, some people would say that they want to distilled the spring water with four weights.So what you're talking about is different degrees of purity.
Water is not food, the minerals inside are bad minerals.But billions of people turn water into food with good minerals.There are more than one billion people in China, but there is no saying about all the water in China.
Chinese, Japanese and Koreans do not drink water.This is uncivilized.They drink tea. there is a word about all the tea in China.So you can drink a glass of mineral-free purified water and turn it into a tea with good minerals.
Steven Pratt M.
Tea contains more than 4,000 compounds.
This book lists 14 of the healthiest foods, one of which is tea.Others include beans, blueberries, broccoli, oats, oranges, pumpkins, soybeans, spinach, tomatoes and walnuts..One of the first batchA recognized health advocatePaul Bragg [N.
] Help the country focus on natural health by advocating deep breathing, water fasting, organic food, juice and exercise.Prague has opened a health center in Los Angeles in the medium term.1920s.(Fifty-Paul Bragg N. Version 2 MMIX [2009)D., Ph.D.His daughter Patricia Prague.D., Ph.D..I have heard people say for years that some waters are rich in all the minerals.
What minerals are they talking about?Inorganic or organic?These are all inorganic and add a burden to the body with these inert minerals.This can lead to the development of kidneys, gall bladder and stonesLike acid crystals in arteries, veins and other parts of the body.I grew up in Virginia, where drinking water is called hard water.
It is rich in inorganic minerals, especially sodium, iron and calcium.I saw many of my elders die from kidney problems.Almost all people get older too early, as inorganic minerals gather on the inner walls of their arteries and veins, causing many to die from hardening of the arteries, strokes and heart attacks.
By drinking distilled water, you will be with millions of people around the world who drink pollution-free rain.Humans drink rain to evolve.Liquid prescriptions prepared by any pharmacy in the world are prepared with distilled water.Distilled water does not drain organic minerals from the body or dead water.
This is the purest and safest water that human beings can drink.It is said that pure water is like distilled water, it is not good for you because it will filter the minerals out of the body.It only drains harmful minerals out of the body, and the book about it describes examples of distilled water reversing serious health problems.
Here is Dr.
Said Torre.
.."Drinking distilled water is good for us, not hard water from spring water or chlorine water from the city...Prevent the body's calcium stove.\ "Water hardness (inorganic minerals in solution) is the root cause of many diseases (if not all) caused by intestinal poison.These (hard minerals) enter the lymphatic system from the intestines, and the lymphatic system transports all its products to the blood, and the blood is distributed to all parts of the body.
This is the cause of many human diseases.
\" ---Dr.
\ "Once distilled, water is as pure as water.Although distillation eliminates a variety of other contaminants in the water, I don't think this is a problem.We get minerals from food instead of water.
Andrew Vail M.
They call good and bad minerals organic and inorganic.This has nothing to do with organically grown food and traditional food.There is chemistry and organic chemistry.Organic chemistry is a chemical that Studies living or living things.
Life on Earth is based on carbon.
The molecules that make up your body have carbon chains.Therefore, a water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.The molecules of common salt are sodium and chlorine atoms.
Organic matter has a chain of carbon atoms that can make fire.No fire can be made with water or salt.There are minerals in the soil, but there is no fire.There are minerals in the food, but there is a fire.
As a result, organic minerals are part of a molecule with a chain of carbon atoms.Oil was once a creature like a plant or an animal.Fire comes from the sun.The fossil fuels on this planet store sunlight.
So go back to biology.
Air, water, sunlight and minerals are not food and do not make fire.But plants can turn them into food that can make a fire.11.See what the picture above looks like.So if you take the above and plant the oak for a month, you will get a small tree.
You can burn it off so you can store the sun for a month.If you plant the oak of 200 and burn it off, you will get the stored sunshine of 200.In the book mentioned above, it says that there are bacteria in the Ionising water that are harmful to you, because ionizers breed bad bacteria.
Water catches some contaminants through the filter.By water distillation, pure water evaporates, leaving contaminants in the container, and water vapor, which acts as a gas, is condensed back into liquid water., Pure water removed from the water through a half waterOnly permeable membranes that allow pure water to pass through.
I mentioned that the kidneys use this membrane.What if your kidneys don't work at all?Are you dead?No, you need to go to a center and connect to the dialysis machine 3 times a week for hours in a row.The principle of dialysis is that the diffusion of the solution and the fluid in the halfPermeable membrane.
Diffusion is the characteristic of matter in water;Substances in water are often transferred from areas with high concentrations to areas with low concentrations.semi-The dialysis fluid or special dialysis fluid flows on the other side.Semi-permeable film is a thin layer of material containing holes or holes of various sizes.
Smaller solutions and liquids pass through the membrane, but the membrane prevents the passage of larger substances (e.g. red blood cells, large proteins.This replicates the filtration process that occurs in the kidneys, and when the blood enters the kidneys, the larger substance is separated from the smaller substance in the small ball.I said you should get all the water from the food.
Is the taste of water good?By definition, water is a liquid that is tasteless, colorless and tasteless.Instead, you can get water from drinking stevia green tea or cold tea like yerba mate.These are food.You can get a lot of water by eating watermelon.
How much water you need depends on how much you sweat and how much water you have in your food.It also depends on how much there is.The water you consumeWhat is that?If you die from dehydration on a raft at sea, the sea water will make you more dehydrated.It containswater.Also in the bar they will give you free nuts and pretzelsThe water inside will make you drink more.
They put it in a soft drink (soda or soda) so you can drink more.Anti-water is salt.Salt is not food.Put 4 ounces in a pint of water and drink it and you die in an hour.What is the cause of death?Dehydration, high blood quality or high blood quality.
High blood sodium or high blood sodium (see spelling differences in American and British English) is an electrolytic disorder defined by Elevated sodium levels in the blood.[1] High sodium is usually not caused by excessive sodium, but by the relative lack of free water in the body.For this reason, high blood quality is often synonymous with less precise term dehydration.
Water is lost from the body in a variety of ways, including sweating, imperceptible loss caused by breathing, and feces and urine.If the amount of water taken continues to be lower than the amount of water lost, serum sodium levels will begin to rise, resulting in high blood sodium.Very little, a large intake of salt can lead to high blood quality, and [2] [3] salty liquids such as drinking seawater or excessive soy sauce can lead to high blood quality.
Please note that there is no filter to remove salt from the water.Water distillation and reverse osmosis purification take the water out and leave the salt behind with all the other contaminants..If you are overweight, eat whatever you want, but don't eat any salt for a week, you will lose about 10 pounds.
Then you will see the weight of the water you carry with you..What is bottled water?There is water in the bottle.Sometimes they sell distilled water in bottles, and sometimes they sell spring water in bottles.
What is the spring water?If you are just talking to someone about it, you can tell them that you are referring to the water flowing out of the spring water.But if you want to sell spring water then you have to follow the definition of the law.The legal definition of spring water is any drinkable water.
.It's good to drink any water while smoking marijuana.You can also pour water into the pan.In fact, it is defined as "suitable for drinking "."It means that anyone can drink any water without getting sick.
Yes, the tap water is the spring water.
You can put your tap water in the bottle and label it as a spring water!Statement: Since I am not a lawyer, I am not allowed to provide any legal advice.I am not allowed to give any medical advice.Therefore, please consult a lawyer or doctor for legal advice or medical consultation.
To learn the definition of a word, consult Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary12 and 16Since pure water is better in dissolving things, it is much better to store pure water in glass bottles than plastic bottles, because plastic bottles cause some plastic to enter the water.Here's a tip on improving digestion, which can also help you lose weight.I have good digestion and have never been overweight.
Do not take in the liquid while dining, which may dilute the digestive acid, but drink all the liquid you want before dining.Then, do not eat any liquid for at least an hour after eating.What if the fruit you eat contains a lot of water, such as watermelon or peach?Eat fruit on an empty stomach first.
Then wait about 15 minutes for the fruit to pass through the stomach and then eat other food.You may notice that by doing so alone, there is a huge improvement in your health and thinness
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