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pure water treatment plant How to Correct Low PH in Well Water

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-28
pure water treatment plant How to Correct Low PH in Well Water
PH measurements compare the relative concentration of hydrogen (H) atoms in a liquid to determine whether they are acid or alkaline in the range of 0 to 14.In the middle is pure water distilled fresh with a pH of 7;The battery is extremely acidic and the measurement is less than 0;The alkali used in the household is extremely alkaline, almost 14.The normal pH of healthy drinking water varies depending on the geology of its source and other factors.
But a well water with a low pH (acidic) can corrupt or dissolve any metal it touches, causing damage to the pipe, ugly stains, metallic flavors, and sometimes health problems.There are various treatment methods and systems.Do some research.The price of the household pH test kit is cheap and accurate, and the degree of acid and alkaline pH is determined by color.
Of course, more complex water tests will tell you more about your water.Ask if your public health department is healthy.Water contaminants you should test-Good information before considering the water treatment option--And decide if professional testing is required.
Contact two or three reputable water treatment companies to learn more about water treatment options and compare the costs, benefits and drawbacks of various systems.Mechanically or neutralise the water filter, increase the pH (lower acidity) and "harden" the water with calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate, or iron oxide.These filters need to be washed back regularly to clear the solid particles;Neutrals also need to be supplemented.
Usually for larger water systems, an option is to inject a solution of soda or potassium into the water supply with a chemical pump.Because excessive potassium can cause health problems, including cardiac arrest, potassium levels in the water need to be monitored.Evaluate all options according to your own situation.
For example, should water be filtered in the well or before entering the house?Purchase accordingly
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