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pure water treatment plant Soda Ash & Water Treatment

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-28
pure water treatment plant Soda Ash & Water Treatment
Soda ash, also known as soda or washing soda, is used in many soft water machines.This chemical can reduce the acidity of water, thus washing more effectively with soap.It also increases the amount of sodium in the water.
-Health problems in people who limit sodium intake.This chemical is readily available and cheap, and is a popular solution for many people with hard water.Soda ash is the commodity name of soda ash, which is extracted from natural deposits or manufactured through chemical processes.
This raw material is not only used for water treatment, but also for glass manufacturing, detergent manufacturing, dyeing and other processes.The price is higher-In water softening, a stable and less volatile substitute for alkali is cheaper than potash.Natural soda ash can be found in dry areas, especially in areas where lakes are dry and seasonal.
A natural sodium carbonate called natron;Ancient Egyptians used it to make mummies.A volcano in Tanzania and in the Superalkaline rocks.It is being mined at multiple locations including Wyoming and Kenya.
In hard water, soda can reduce the influence of trace elements such as magnesium and calcium.This chemical prevents the combination of trace elements with detergents to make detergents more effective.Soda ash is usually sold in the laundry area of the department store and is used directly for washing machines.
When added to water with a pH of less than 7, soda base increases alkaline.It can prevent the water from being corrosive and reduce the amount of mineral scale accumulated in the pipeline.If you need to limit your sodium intake according to your doctor's advice, don't forget to check the water softener.
Water softener can greatly increase the amount of sodium in your diet.Consider softening your water with potassium salt.It can bring better health, and there is little change in your lifestyle.
For those who do not limit the sodium diet, there is little threat to soda water softener.Although soda ash is less harmful than caustic soda and other extremely alkaline chemicals, it is still caustic soda.Wear gloves when handling to avoid soda in your eyes or mouth.
This chemical is not toxic but can cause irritation to the skin and mucus membrane.If soda is likely to be in the air, goggles may be appropriate.If stimulation does occur, pat the area with vinegar to neutralize the chemicals and rinse the area with water.
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