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reverse osmosis filter for garden hose How to Siphon Water From a Pool

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-11
reverse osmosis filter for garden hose How to Siphon Water From a Pool
Depending on the weather and the number of people using the pool, the water level of the pool properly installed and maintained tends to be quite consistent.When heavy rainfall or severe chemical imbalance requires a reduction in water volume, it is easier to manually remove excess water from the pool on the pump.As long as you have a place where you can discharge water below the pool level at an altitude, the siphon is the easiest way.Check the drainage area to ensure that it is able to handle the expected amount of water without damage and that it does not overflow into rain drains, public streets or adjacent properties.The rule of thumb is that if the local regulations require you to pour the pool filter down into the sanitary sewer, you should suck the excess water into the house drain or sewer for cleaning.Insert the end of 3/4-Inch garden water pipe into the pool.Slowly put the hose into the pool until everything but the last foot is filled with water and completely submerged.Hold the other end of the hose in your hand and place it under the water.When the hose is still flooded, screw the hose cover to the open end of the hose.Lift the end of the hose from the water and pull it to the drainage area.Place the hose on the ground or close to the drain or cleaning.Remove the lid from the end of the hose and start the siphon.When you suck water into a drain or sewer for cleaning, keep the air gap between the end of the hose and the drain or wash to prevent return contamination.Drain the pool water to the desired level.Remove the hose from the pool or raise the drain end above the water level to stop the siphon.3/4-When you intend to empty the pool or significantly reduce the volume of the pool, please consult the recommended procedures with the local health department or other county service offices.Before emptying a roomGround pool, open all water pressure safety valves if your pool has them to prevent damage to the pool housing and deck.In many areas, it is illegal to discharge pool water into rainwater discharge.
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