reverse osmosis filter how does it work Comparison of PUR and Brita Water Filter - Which is Better-O

reverse osmosis filter how does it work Comparison of PUR and Brita Water Filter - Which is Better?

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-01

PUR and Brita water filters are so popular that it is difficult to decide which brand is better.This gay article helps you by giving you a point of viewby-Point comparison of PUR.Brita filters, including their pitcher and faucet variety.Today, the purification of our drinking water is more important than ever.With all aspects of our lives, from health care to agriculture, the pollution and use of chemicals is increasing, and people don't know what will come into our water supply system.While the government has done its best to get us clean water, the chemicals added in the purification process may also spoil its taste.Water purifiers play an important role here by removing harmful pollutants and chemicals that destroy the taste of drinking water.The two most famous purifier brands are PUR and Brita.Although both brands offer pitchers and faucet filters, Brita has been dominating the pitchers filter market for quite some time, while PUR is more popular for its faucet filters.Let's compare PUR and Brita to find out which is better.Both PUR and Brita have a variety of models that are either pitchers or taps.Regarding pitchers filters, PUR has models that can hold 7, 11 or 18 glasses of water, called "classic", "ultimate" and "dispenser" models, respectively.Britta pitchers are divided into three varieties.The "dispenser" can hold 18 cups of water, and the "big" can hold 8-10 cups and "small" for 5-6 cups of water.There are two main types of PUR faucet purifiers --"Basic" and "advanced" according to purification efficiency ".The Brita faucet purifier can be a "basic" or "complete" model depending on the finish and price options.The way these purifiers work is slightly different.When the Brita water filter uses two-PUR uses two or three filtering processes.In Brita, water first cleans its deposits through a filter, and then passes the water through a large piece of activated carbon, which captures halogen hydrocarbons (such as chlorine) and lead, resulting in better taste and odor removal.The purification action of the PUR filter is roughly similar, except that it involves an additional third step in which water passes through selected minerals.PUR equipment is significantly better than Brita in terms of the percentage of contaminants removed.PUR filters claim that they remove three times as much contaminants as the Brita equipment.While both are equally good at removing chlorine and heavy metals, PUR filters still have an advantage in chemistry, pharmacy and contaminants.While the two are roughly the same in terms of pollutant removal, the difference is in detail.Although PUR filter can prevent 96-Chlorine 97%, 97-99% lead for the Brita filter, the data is 91-94% and 94 -95% respectively.More importantly, PUR can remove microbial pathogens such as the sacs of giardyad and cryptospores (responsible for infection), while Brita cannot.In terms of the taste of pure water, many reviews give PUR filters an advantage over Brita.This is because the PUR filter has a stage in the purification process where water passes through a filter containing trace minerals.This brings a pleasant taste to the purified water, which makes it delicious.In fact, in the test, the blindfolded candidate rated the water purified by the PUR filter higher than the Brita filter.Several PUR models also allow users to add some fruit flavors such as lemons, grapes and peaches to pure water, which has a distinct advantage over the Brita filter.Since the working process of the PUR filter is more complicated, whether people consider the pitcher of the faucet purifier or not, they need a longer time than the Brita filter to complete their work.On average, PUR water filter purification takes 12 to 15 minutes, which can be a problem if one is in a hurry.The Brita purifier is much faster in this regard.In terms of the purification capacity of a filter cartridge, there is no difference between the two, because after purifying 40 gallons, they need to replace the filter.The capacity of the faucet filter is the same in both;While in this case, a cartridge cleans up 100 gallons of water.However, the longer the purification time of PUR equipment, the greater the pressure on its filter, because the filter is vulnerable to frequent damage.As far as PUR filters are concerned, this makes the replacement more frequent.Since PUR filters do a better job of removing contaminants, one might think they are heavy on the wallet.However, there is almost no difference in the price of the two filters, especially the pitcher variety.The price of PUR pitcher filter is between $2245. Brita pitcher is about $20.47.But, according to their reputation, the price of PUR faucet purifier is higher for $3048, by contrast, $18-Brita purifier 30 yuan.Also, keep in mind that while PUR and Brita have the same cost of replacing cartridges ($20 for 100 gallons), PUR filters are reported to require more cartridge replacements, in the long run, this may increase costs.PUR faucet filters are expensive.These filters require frequent replacement of cartridges, which increases maintenance costs.Its complex purification process takes a long time to deliver pure water.It has a short, two-The stage process that makes the operation faster.The pitcher filter takes up less space and can be placed in the corner or even on the fridge.Its filter cartridge lasts longer and has a lower frequency of replacement.The Brita faucet filter is cheaper than PUR.It is slightly less efficient in removing contaminants.The user reports a leak problem with the faucet purifier.It is not suitable for water containing microbial contaminants because it cannot remove the pathogenic cyst that may cause infection.So far, the choice between PUR and Brita seems obvious.Since PUR is better and not particularly expensive in terms of purification tasks, it is the recommended brand for both, especially since it can prevent bacterial cysts.Nevertheless, both PUR and Brita have built a strong market reputation and working with both companies will certainly not disappoint you.
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