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reverse osmosis plant suppliers domestic waste water treatment plant -

by:Ocpuritech     2019-06-30
The water treatment plant deals with water from various sources such as rivers and lakes.Water from these sources must be purified to remove floating objects such as larger-sized rods and other solids, finer particles, colors, scents, contaminants, and harmful bacteria and microorganisms.The water entering the treatment plant removes the float and the larger refractory through the inlet screen.Back-Rinse the screen regularly with air to clear the screen and keep the screen effective.In order to facilitate the subsequent precipitation process, the coagulation agent was added to the water.Water containing the rest of the impurities is taken to a sedimentation tank equipped with sand filters to remove suspended solids.Sand is then recycled and cleaned for reuse.The next process is to treat bacteria disinfection and degradation of organic compounds with ozone gas.Ozone is unstable and is produced at the site by using oxygen in the discharge device.The ozone produced in this way came out through water.The remaining ozone is then converted into oxygen and discharged into the atmosphere.Science and Technology produce many programs and methods that are useful in the conversation of water.In various methods, Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a filtration method that can easily remove multiple types of large molecules and ions from the solution.In reverse osmosis systems, the solvent naturally moves through the membrane from an area with a low dissolution concentration to an area with a high dissolution concentration.This system is the most common process for purifying drinking water and removing salt and other substances from sea water.The packaged water treatment plant is used to purify and reduce the COD level in the water.Different processes are used in these plants, including precipitation, solidification, ion exchange and reverse osmosis.These plants are widely used to separate suspended solids from river and lake water.Fluid is one of the environmental problems that interfere well with existing waterways, there are several types of waste, urban waste (household waste ).This is due to some of the contents of the waste, including chemical and biological waste.These residues can in principle be self-decomposed in nature, but sterilization takes a long time.In order to speed up the neutralization of waste treatment systems, it may be necessary to decipher the biological and chemical substances in the water that can be accepted naturally without harming fish or plants.The process, which usually takes many years, becomes natural, but with this system it takes only 12 to 24 hours.
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