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reverse osmosis plant suppliers why is purified water important in hydroponics?

by:Ocpuritech     2019-06-29

The water is pompous with long flowers, herbs or vegetables, but lacks the use of the soil.The plant obtains the required nutrients from the purchased nutrients placed in the water, resulting in a solution that grows at the root.Since the soil is not used as a buffer, the water used in this method becomes critical.The types of tap water available across the UK vary from hard to soft, so the types of water used in the system need to be standardized.In short, water filtration removes all minerals in the water, making it a neutral basis for supplementing nutrition.By using filtered water, you are more likely to get the maximum results from the nutrient solution and get the maximum growth in the crop.All tap water has minerals in it, which are gathered when it travels by dripping water through many rock and soil groups.The contents of these minerals are measured in ppm (a few parts per million) and purified by the tap water company to harmless levels.However, according to the area you live in, the drinking water in the UK is different, and the mineral content in many waters is from 150-420 ppm.When introducing nutrients into a solution in hydroponics, this can be a problem.Most nutrients reach a certain ppm (for example, 1500 ppm) in the direction of the composition solution (based on the number of plants ).So if the amount of water you are dealing with has reached 200 ppm, then it is difficult to solve this problem with your nutritional level.The mineral content of water is 200 ppm, but it is difficult for laymen to know how many minerals are in it, which is the source of the water filtration device.The reverse osmosis water purification system filters out the minerals in the water and filters the entire aquatic product back to 0 ppm.This is achieved by forcing water to remove large molecules such as calcium and magnesium through the film layer.Different filters use different forms of water, the type of water in your area can be found on the local water company or environmental agency website, or buy a water test set from a local water farmer or online.Many gardeners and water ploughing gardeners use these filters because they learn from experience that by filtering the water used during the process, the best benefits are obtained from nutrients in the solution, and produce the most effective conditions and greater growth in plants.
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