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reverse osmosis plant wikipedia how to heal vocal cords quickly and efficiently after a ...

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-13
I hate drugs.I know it's hard for a musician who works full time to hear the news.But it is true.I hate to take it.Amine or spray.I prefer the overall approach.1.Water: The best is distilled water.Even if the filtration is the worst, the same is true of the chlorine water.Why?Think about how your skin feels after swimming.
Chlorine has the same effect on vocal cords.dries them out.If you can't find steam distilled water, Wal-Marts filtered the water through reverse osmosis.This is a charcoal filtration system without bacteria.
The spring water is not good for this reason.You don't know which spring it comes from, so you don't know what other creatures are there.2.Sleep: It's hard to get enough sleep.If you're like me, go, go.So eight hours is hard.What I do is make sure to take a nap before each show.
It helps even if I lie down for the next hour.The sound is never more relaxed than when sleeping.3.Brother of aloe drink KHEE.This thing is the best!(No, I didn't get a commission from them.
I just told you it works!Ingredients: purified water, aloe vera gel, fructose, honey, citric acid, milk calcium, vitamin C, Aloe fruit.I usually find this drink in the Asian market.I live in a great Chinatown in Chicago.But you can check your local Yellow Pages or Google them.
It's a green plastic bottle.
It's really refreshing.
-Unlike the aloe extract you bought at the Nature store.After a few nights of revelry, it helped a lot to heal my voice.Aloe vera is a magical plant.You need to read it if you don't know.It can replenish water and help with allergies!!Fat grms, 0 trans fat grms, 0 sugar (which does have honey), 11 mg sodium, 0 cholesterol, 15g carbohydrate.
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