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reverse osmosis process Shh ... vintners turn down the heat, quietly

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reverse osmosis process Shh ... vintners turn down the heat, quietly
--Reducing alcohol content in wine is as simple as adding water during fermentation.However, there are other higherTechnical solutions, more widely used than most wineries may admit.Clark Smith, owner of Sebastopol Vinovation, created a reverseIn early 1990, the infiltration process of alcohol was removed.Santa Rosa's ConeTech is a rival company that uses a different craft, a rotating cone of a column."Between the two of us, we made about 45% of the northern coast wine," Smith said .".But there is a shame here, partly because the story condemns the end of the "natural process" of brewing.Smith pointed out that 1800 of technology development-refrigeration --More than his system changed."It's easy to demonize technology," Smith said .""New Zealand's lovesickness is possible because of modern technology like refrigeration and stainless steelsteel tanks.No one complains about this.They say the taste is fresh and natural.Smith, 54, has long been considered a technical wizard, but he speaks like a folk musician of his time.He insists that drinking is more like music than math.He can reduce the wine precision to any proportion the winery wants.But he said there was a lot of wine in every wine.Similar to the percentage "sweet spot" of guitar string tuning, the wine here tastes the best.Before producing and tasting samples with different alcohol content, there is no way to predict where the sweet spot will be.His argument for this theory is impressive.He used a Syrah made of 18% alcohol in Fresno.He produced test bottles with different alcohol levels from 13.35% to 15 and use a panel of 22 judges to decide which ones are the best.I was surprised at how different the taste of the test bottle was;How to Change wine only by adjusting the alcohol content.My favorite is the 13 th blueberry with a slightly sour taste.Version 35%;I also like the tougher Black.The fruit character of 13.Version 75%.But when we combine the two together, the mixture tastes more astringent and unpleasant than its composition ---We left the sweet place.Smith's approach to alcohol reduction, while expensive, is conceptually simple.The wine was slowly drawn from the film.Some alcohol and water pass through the membrane while others remain in the barrel.The removed solution is then distilled to remove alcohol and removeAfter adding water to Alcoholized.Vinovation sells almost pure alcohol to producers of ports and wine coolers.Ironically, if you drink a product like sigram ice, alcohol could come from $100.a-Napa bottleThe process of ConeTech, derived from heavy duty in Germany-Water Experiments during World War II were more complex, including removing aroma and flavor compounds in wine by using "cold steam" before reintroducing wine.The ConeTech process removes more alcohol than the Vinovation process, and is cheaper, so it is more popular among large companies.Most of Smith's clients want to remain anonymous.The wine barrel of Vinovation warehouse is marked with a lettering code, not the name of the winery.Mark Lyon, the winemaker at the Sonoma Sebastian vineyard and winery, is open to his belief in the Smith system.It's hard for me to argue: last year, I tasted more than 100 California mermaid and sexy blueberries for a storyCharacter 2000 Sebastian Sonoma County Mero--just $15 --It's my favorite.Leon said he believes the best way to make a delicious wine is to hang the grapes to develop flavor ---"We may pick later than most people," he said ."-Then reduce alcohol content by reverse osmosis."We did a very good job with this style of wine," Lyon said ."."Picking on the mature side is a great help to the cabernet sauvignon, with a more mature berry flavor, away from the green vegetable flavor.But I don't want to be more than 15 (alcohol percentage) because I don't want to make that style of wine ).Randy DunnRespected for the Pearl of Mount Howell in Dunn's vineyard, he is another producer who is not afraid to admit to drinking.He said with a smile: "In the past, we used to wash the boat;"Washing" is a good way to add water."Some things are worse for wine.I hate high-alcohol wines.There are food and wine, as well as cocktails.They are not allowed to drink at dinner."While Lyon and Dunn are trying to reach the sweet spot, not every winery uses reverse osmosis for this reason.Since the tax rate for 14% alcohol and below is much lower, large wineries sometimes reduce alcohol to save money."Sometimes, when the winemaker is away, the CEO will find chardonnay at the age of 14 before bottling."06% of alcohol," Smith said."They will have to pay an extra million dollars in taxes for the quarter.But what if the wine is at its best at 14?06?They make a cocktail party that is not adjusted to make themselves pay more.
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