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by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-26
If asked about the types of water, I might say three.But there are 8 kinds of water of different quality.Artesian well water also known as artesian well water.
The water flowing out of the well digging the confined aquifer, which is the waterAn underground layer with rocks or sand, and the water level is at a certain height above the top of the aquifer.Usually, this water source is lower than the conventional well water, sometimes from the second layer under the surface.It is usually considered cleaner than a well.
Well water.
My parents live outside the city without a public water supply system and they have a well.Their water has a slight smell of sulfur as there is sulfur deposits both inside and outside the area.This water quality is safe, but it doesn't smell like it.
Usually, the lower the water level, the better the water.High water levels may be contaminated.Fluoride and tap water.It's water poured directly into your house.Tap water must meet the strict standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or other government regulators.
Municipal tap water generally does not cause diseases of pathogens and contaminants, but the use of fluorine and chlorine raises other concerns about the safety of these chemicals.Spring Water.Naturally flow from the underground formation to the surface water.The qualified spring water can only be collected at the source, that is, the spring water.
It can use some type of collection process, but the water must remain the same and contain all the same properties and quality of the free flowing water.Pure water, that is, salt water.Water quality produced by distillation, Deion, reverse osmosis or other suitable processes.This means that through some processes, bacteria and dissolved solids have been removed from the water to purify them.
\ "It can be marked as purified drinking water, but it can also be marked as a specific process used to produce drinking water, for example," reverse osmosis drinking water "or" distilled drinking water ".In fact, many brands of bottled water are pure water.Distilled water.Water that is evaporated into steam and then cooled to re-evaporateConcentrate it into water.
The minerals of the water are left behind, leaving only pure tasting steamDistilled water.Often used for pharmaceutical purposes.Mineral Water.Contains minerals and trace elements and contains water quality not less than 250 (ppm) of the total dissolved solids per million.No additional minerals can be added to the water, which comes from a protected underground water source.
Sterile Water.
In the United States Pharmacopoeia, water that meets the requirements for sterility testing, also known as "sterilized water ".Soda?That is, carbonated water, soda water, saitzer and tonic.Water treated with carbon dioxide is not considered bottled water.
These waters are prescribed as soft drinks
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