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reverse osmosis water purification system An aquarium should be relaxing...right?

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-29
reverse osmosis water purification system An aquarium should be relaxing...right?
I think salinity makes me lose my mind!When I decided to calculate about four months ago;To build a saltwater aquarium, I didn't realize it at the time: it would break me down both financially and in both ways: building and keeping creatures alive is harder than getting pregnant for a year on Clomid and following the natural rhythm of my body!I started with a 50 gallon tank.--xa0There is only one local pet shop (known as lp on coral reef sites) where I can purchase a range of items for a Marine tank.--xa0They are also very expensive.--xa0Probably because they don't have a competitor.
--xa0However, they are very knowledgeable and help me understand everything I need to know.--xa0This is obvious to me, whenxa0I was coloring their store in my recognizable floor-length bright blue down jacket and it was pointed out that members of the salt water department would be hiding there hoping they wouldn't have to wait for me.--xa0I know I had a lot of questions at first.
--xa0After all, I am willing to take the financial risk of losing my house and build a beautiful sea view in my living room.--xa0I ask as much as I want.--xa0The views of the online forum are so conflicting that sometimes it can even be a place for people to fight.--xa0I'm always confused!I started learning jargon and also realized that unless you are going to buy something, people who make a living at lp will be a little frustrated when you monopolize the time they can use to help paying customers.
--xa0However, I don't want to give them a bad reputation.--xa0Without them, there would really be a swamp in my hand.--KH, ammonia, PH, calcium, nitrate 1 and nitrate 3-If there is no more in the tank (if you see a problem), everything that needs to be checked every week;Trust me, you will start to feel like a chemist and hope you get better attention in class when you are young!Clean Up Crew-Snails, crabs, stars, etc.
-Corals-Live Rock-This is necessary when building a real Marine tank.--xa0If you want to survive, then you need to live rocks.--xa0It's full of annoying, creepy little animals that will come out at night to clean up your tank or feed the creatures you really want.
Live Sand-Salt Water-Don't put salt!--xa0You need marine salt that can be mixed with reverse osmosis water.--xa0Luckily, my lp sold it for a reasonable price.Reverse osmosis waterMust be used instead of clicking.
--xa0If you want your fish to live.
Acclimating-Help new creatures adapt to the process of your water tank.--xa0If you don't get used to it, you will have dead creatures.Spoon with proteinThis is a big must in order for the apostrophe to break away from your water and protein/nitrogen from your tank.
--xa0Sometimes it takes weeks.
--xa0This is your filtration system if you don't have a pool (I don't.The list can continue.--xa0However, what will I share on my journey to build a tank, and I hope to help you in some wayxa0There is such a vision.--xa0However, don't expect to set something up quickly.
--xa0If you do, you will go crazy and want to take the hammer to the tank.--xa0Patience is the key.--xa0A lot.Wow!Look at the interesting stone...ZZZZZ!Week one:xa0I am very excited about installing this tank.--xa0My 50 gallon tank is placed on a built-in shelf in my living room.
--xa0I imagined Gorgeous corals and sea anemones filled with fish tanks.--xa0The beautiful fish came out of the rock.--xa0Here is the pure white sand.I went to lp and spent an hour picking my live rock.
--xa0I want something unusual that I can pile together to form caves, arches, etc.--xa0I found something that looked cool.--xa0A total value of approximately £ 50 pounds;at .69 a pound...You do math.--xa0Then I got some sugar sand;White and pure, and a small bag of live sand that looks dirty.
--xa0I was told to put the sand in before adding water, and then arrange the rock the way I wanted it.--xa0It sounds easy...Four hours later I swear on the damn rock because I can't keep it above each other.--xa0Perhaps it is not the best idea to pick these unique pieces because they are not "suitable" for each other and do not stack well.
--xa0I 've read how snails and fish can knock them over if they're not safe, and I have 50 gallons of water on the floor of my living room because there's a broken water tank in front that keeps flashing my eyes.--xa0I stuck with it and with some zippers and more maneuvers I had some formation that looked cool.Then I slowly added salt water.--xa0The whole tank was full of sand and was not cleaned for nearly 4 days.
--xa0I am by my side.
--xa0When the storm finally calmed down, I looked and tried to see all the creatures that were told to live in the rocks.Âxa0 Nothing.Week two.--xa0Or nothing.Week three.--xa0Or nothing.--xa0I'm a little upset.--xa0I was told to take my water sample to LPS and I can finally get a cleaner!Âxa0 Yeah!--xa0Moving life in tanks.finally.Clean Up Crew...Poop doormen everywhere!I was very excited to buy my cleaning staff.
--xa0I chose two big turbo snails.
--xa0They are considered to be masters of algae eating.--xa03 large Tonga-woven snails, 4 other snails of abnormal shape known by LPS, 4 small-woven snails tunnel under the sand, 4 resident crabs, and later..I added two emerald crabs in green at different times (they look like little Arnold schwaggle's ).
--xa0I also added a starfish that looks cool.A few days later, the water in my tank began to turn green.--xa0I thought these guys should eat something green.
--xa0I also noticed that a large amount of feces was deposited in the original white sand and would not disappear.A week after having these guys, my tank wall was covered with a sticky substance and when I put my hand in the water it was covered in green.--xa0I also noticed eating a few snails.--xa0While reading online, I found that the starfish I was sold looked a lot like a meat-eating starfish that ate coral and other tank mates.
--xa0I compared a photo that lp thought they sold me and a picture that sat in my tank.--xa0They look very close but I have no doubt I ate that kind of meat!--xa0I came back with a broken heart because he was very, very cool and got some coral instead.The green water is getting worse and worse.
--xa0I called lp almost every day and took samples every few days and all the samples were perfectly tested, but my living room had 50 gallons of pea soup, there's another one full that doesn't seem to finish their work.--xa0Lp keeps telling me that some tanks need cycle and patience.I don't want anyone to come and visit because of the fear that they will see the green monsters in the house.
--xa0This is so big for the excitement of the cleaning staff.The little one....Another problem I have is the protein apostrophe.--xa0I was informed of my specific type;Hanging behind the tank, it will take weeks to break in.
--xa0It's almost a month now, some days I think it's doing its job, and some days I don't think so.The idea behind Skimmer is to improve the cycle and capture dead protein, nitrate and gunk that will otherwise stain your tank.--xa0It can be used with or without a pool.
--xa0Since I have a smaller tank, it is my filtration system so I do not have a pool.--xa0While working, collect cups filled with brown water, gunk and foam and you empty them once a day.--xa0I have a collection cup with a hole in it that can be plugged in.
--xa0The reason for this is that if I am not at home for a day or two, then it will flow into the bottle and not overflow.The first day I installed the slag reader, I connected the overflow pipe and discharged one end into a 2 liter bottle.--xa0I was told they could work overtime at first and produce a lot of stuff.
--xa0In less than an hour, my bottle was filled with water that seemed to be just in the tank.--xa0Lowering the rubber ring around the collection cup will reduce the liquid, but there is still no foam.--xa0I called the company and they gracefully sent the attachment to the pump and a better collection Cup hole plug.
--xa0After almost 1.
5 months now, in the highest position where I can get my collection cup, I collected Brown, smelly water and foam.In addition to the green thin water, the rest during the skimming is probably my biggest problem.--xa0The slag reader does not stop the slime from getting worse and seems to require constant effort.
--xa0I would recommend running your spreaders in the new tank before adding fish or something like that to make sure it works.--xa0When you have tank creatures, it's very confusing to have to be with monkeys.When LPS advised me to float a bag with some phosphate remover inside, the green water finally disappeared.
--xa0It took two weeks to work, but now I can see it in the tank.Watch out for those tingling!After studying the anemone, I decided to pass it on now.They like to relax their "feet" and float around the tank;Often sting things in their way.
These thorns can kill tank creatures or hurt them.With all the money I have invested, I don't want my cleaning staff to eat £ 30.00 fish or 25.00 coral piece.I decided to decorate the water tank with coral.
These creatures themselves need to be particularly careful and need to have specific lighting and water flow in the tank.I installed two blowers in the tank to keep the air/water cycle.I started with fragments of coral.They are so cute.The problem is that they got angry with me for about two weeks and in fact I 've been changing their position in the tank so they can be in the right state.
They won't jump out of the base, and there won't be a couple heading down and looking like they're dead.More trips to lp, more guarantees that they are in a period of anger and will come out soon.They have.A few months later, I decided to buy some bigger coral.
I found a cat's paw and another tree that looked like a blur.When I put them on my living rock, the lovely tree decided to retaliate and he stung me!Like a Bee Ding.And then, if that wasn't enough, he decided to stick me in.
This is a good learning experience.
My tanks have been around for three months and the corals are still shrinking back at night, but they look healthier.I have to make calcium supplements every day because they seem to suck this mineral tank and I also feed them with a plant feast supplement that also feeds live rocks.They reached out and tried to catch the plankton I added.
Yes, I have fish too!For a few months I have fought with a pouting, green water, an avid starfish, dirty sand, and a stinging coral, and I have decided that it is time to finally catch a fish.I ordered them online in a reputable store because I can get 6 fish plus shipping at the same price as 2 fish from LPS!One Saturday, I was excited to meet UPS people at the door.He held my little baby in his arms.Before putting them in the tank, I got them adapted for a few hours.
Two clownfish, Royal Grama basslet, two Green Chrome fish, and Gobi, the watchman of Wheeler, all effortlessly moved into their new home.They swim while eating.They seem to get along well too.Life was good.One night my other half called me and told me that one of the clowns (the anemone named after my daughter) was acting strangely.When I got home, he was lying peacefully in the sand at the bottom of the tank.
We are all sad.
I think so is Nemo.
He hasn't eaten since the death of anemone, and I'm worried that if I don't find another partner for him as soon as possible, he will die soon.This is the life of fish.One day they swim happily and then kick the bucket for no reason (or invisible.I have a goldfish in the 75 gallon fresh water tank in the basement for 8 years or more.
Still, I broke my heart for the quick passage of the little anemone and may have to find a mate quickly, and I hope he will accept it, not be defeated.I plan to eat more fish later, but for now, I am looking at my current children to make sure they stay healthy.Any regrets?It's been four months now.I feel like I'm just getting to know the ocean tanks.
Building a new ocean system requires a lot of patience and research from you.--xa0I have run out of my resources to find fish and peaceful corals to get along.--xa0Many people throw anything into their tank and hope for the best.
--xa0With the money I have and will spend on this project, I want to have some kind of assurance that my creature will live and not die in the first month of getting it.I do now see many worms and little stars coming out of live rocks.--xa0When emerald crabs crawl on the rocks and lift their muscles, I laugh at them;Imitate King Kong in the Empire State Building.
--xa0I like to see the little goat coming in and out of the hole on the rock;Panting for anything near him.--xa0When I was feeding, I also felt the mother's love coming to me. I saw all my residents coming out to fill my stomach.
I still have a long way to go before I have a mature and successful brine tank.--xa0I can't wait!Âxa0 So, yes...I have to be patient.Âxa0 No regrets
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