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reverse osmosis water purification system The Use of Salt Water in Industry

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-12
In 2000, 15% of the water used in the United States was salt water.Although the use of salt water for individuals is limited, industrial people have found productive uses for this rich resource.For example, most of the salt water in the industry is used to cool thermoelectric equipment.
The most used salt water in industry is seawater.Factories and factories, usually located on the coast, draw water out of the ocean and cycle through their systems in order to cool the machinery.Not all industries can use it to do this because salt can damage certain types of equipment.
But since salt water does not cost anything and is well supplied, it is ideal for cooling thermoelectric equipment operating around the clock.According to a survey conducted by the United StatesS.A 2000 Geological Survey showed that about 96% of the salt water used in the United States was used to cool thermoelectric equipment.
About 4% are used for mining and industrial purposes.Farmers in Colorado are also watering crops with salty water.It makes sense that coastal countries are the ones that make the most of salt water.
In 2000, the state that used the most salt water was California, which accounted for 20% of the country's salt water.Florida is second in the rankings, 19%, followed by New York, Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey.From 1950 to 1980, the use of salt water in the industry increased dramatically.
This is most likely due to the fact that there is no effective process for large-scale desalination of water until after 1950.Nowadays, reverse osmosis seems to be a promising desalination method for human consumption.Reverse osmosis is the same process of converting springs, rain and tap water into commercial drinking water.
Another way to purify the water is to distilled it by heating the water until it becomes steam.Due to the high cost of these methods, they have not been widely used so far.But the cost is falling, which ensures that it will be more common in the future to dilute by reverse osmosis and distillation.
With the improvement of seawater desalination technology, more industries will be able to use seawater to realize the functions of factories and factories.When salt water is used to cool the machinery, it does not need to be completely diluted, but at least to a relatively low degree of salinity.In the future, there will be water in places where water supply is scarce due to desalination plants.
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