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by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-26
"What else is in our drinking water ?" The problem is actually very difficult.It turns out that while there is concern about the issue, there is little evidence on the issue at the moment.Even a quick search on the Internet will produce articles dating back to 2005.
The terrible thing is that we are facing the same problem today.EPA has an article on this issue and they have found something that they call a/d or a disinfection methodproduct.This is in the process of our efforts to disinfect drinking water, we create other things that may be harmful to us.
Chemicals used to disinfect our water react with other chemicals, contaminants, etc.There is another reaction in the water.Most websites on the Internet and recent magazine articles show that there are many chemicals in the runoff of pesticides, fertilizers, medical waste, courtyards and farms, and many other water sources, these water sources will be injected into our water.We get drinking water from lakes, streams, water wells and water parks.
We use the same water source for entertainment, so the gasoline on board goes into the lake and the river.Sewage treatment plants are usually located near other water sources.When floods flood, sewage often enters the drinking water source.
The good news is that most experts think there is good drinking water in big cities in the United States.Reader's Digest interviewed people in some way who were involved in our water supply in the August 2011 issue.Most of them believe that water in plastic bottles is not the best way to deal with water problems.
Bill Mack, the author of edebth: Living on a tough new star ball, was quoted as saying basically, "Now people prefer to buy water that is placed on a plastic bottle shelf.This is a stupid definition for me."Even if you are in a big city with a good water supply system, you may be in an old building with old pipes.These pipes may be lead or lead in paint.The water may not taste good or you don't trust it.
What is the answer?Most of the research in this article points to filtering water from whatever source.The good news is that everyone can afford some sort of filtering system.We can all go out and buy a water filter or a water filter for the faucet.
For people who want or need to filter a lot of water, you can buy it under the reverse water filter or even the reverse water filter.Filtering our water not only helps us to have better water, but also can start to reduce the number of plastic bottles in our ecosystemsystem.Buy a water filter of your own and buy a reusable water bottle that will allow you to drink water and feel good.
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