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reverse osmosis water storage tank How to Attach a Hose to My RV Sink

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-10
reverse osmosis water storage tank How to Attach a Hose to My RV Sink
Camping with RV offers many amenities you won't enjoy in the tent--The most important thing is to get a ready supply of tap water.Even if there is no water connection in your camping area, most RVs have plenty of buildingsCapacity in water storage.In order to make the most of the water for cleaning, laundry and temporary shower, it is a convenient and practical idea to install the hose on the faucet of the sink.Note: easily purchase an adapter for your faucet.These faucet-to-Hose adapters are cheap and available in most hardware or home improvement centers.Unscrew the top of the RV sink faucet.You can do this with your fingers in most cases (they are usually not too tight ).If you can't remove it with your fingers, wrap a piece of cloth around the tip with a set of Vise and grab it.Turn left to move the tip to loosen and remove.When the tip falls off, carefully pull it away to make sure that no parts like washers or screens are missing.By turning the tap to the right, screw the tap adapter onto the tap.A strong fingerSealed tight enough.Screw the hose onto the tap adapter.Before screwing the hose onto the adapter, make sure the rubber gasket of the hose is in place, otherwise there will be a leak around the joint.Route the hose to where you are going to use it, then open the water in the sink to start.Nicole Liandi, an article written by Virginia-based Nicole Liandi, has been a freelance writer since 2005.Her articles appear in various print and online publications.Lian Di has traveled in Europe and East Asia and incorporated her experience into her article.She holds a bachelor's degree in history from the University of West Virginia.
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