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sand filter How to Add Diatomaceous Earth to a Sand Filter

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-29
sand filter How to Add Diatomaceous Earth to a Sand Filter
Silica Earth (DE) is a powder that is covered on a grid inside the pool pump.Although DE powder is used for filter grilles, it can be added to the sand filter.When the powder is added to the sand, the sharp edge of the DE powder enhances the filtration process of the sand by capturing tiny dirt particles during the filtration process.
After returning, the powder is added to the pool filterWash after closing the pool in winter or before the pool starts.Back-Sand washing filter.Please note the pound/square inch (psi) on the pump pressure gauge ).Turn on the pump so it can filter.Pour water into it-Gallon barrel, 1 inch stop from top1/4 cups of algae soil.
Pour DE powder into the bucket.
Remove the lid from the skimming machine.
If you are using skimmer socks, remove the socks from skimmer.Turn on the pump so it can filter the water.Slowly pour the DE solution into the slag reader.
Replace the skim cover.
Wait three minutes.
Check the pressure gauge.
When adding DE powder to the sand filter, you want the psi to increase one.For example, if you read clean after you come backThe washing is 4 psi and the reading after adding DE should rise to 5 psi.Repeat steps 2 to 4 until the gauge reading is 1 psi higher than the clean reading.
DE powder may require one or two cups, but only 1/4 cups can be used at a time when this powder is added to the sand filter for the first time.At any time after the first successful use of DE powder in the sand filter, the total amount of powder can be added at a time.Check the pressure gauge within the next 24 hours.
The filtration process may capture more dirt particles after adding DE powder and ask for a return-Wash to reduce psi reading
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