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seawater desalination system why can’t we desalinate seawater and solve all our water ...

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-03
seawater desalination system why can’t we desalinate seawater and solve all our water ...
At present, there are 1 billion people worldwide who cannot access reliable sources of fresh water.With population growth and climate change, this problem is expected to intensify further, so the ocean is an attractive place to seek solutions to this problem.Seawater desalination can be used to drink salt water, but the large-scale use of seawater desalination will bring many challenges.
However, private companies claim the desalination process is a long one.Long-term solutions to the global water crisis.But in reality, they are just using communities where the water crisis has led water managers to think they should take extreme measures to provide people with fresh drinking water.
It turns out that desalination is a dangerous option to solve the global water crisis and could create more problems than it solves.Expensive: price labels related to desalination vary from region to region.Typically, prices cover the company's undervaluation and government subsidiaries, which makes it two to four times more expensive than the existing traditional water purification options.
Adverse effects on human health and the environment: SomeProducts for seawater desalination include double hydrogen salts, chlorine and condensate that are harmful to organisms.The desalination process releases concentrated waste, which can have harmful effects on marine life and the environment when dumped into the ocean.The intake devices in power plants often work with desalination plants to kill about 3.
There are 4 billion fish and other marine life every year.Desalination will not only disrupt marine life, but also cause fishermen to lose at least 0.165 billion fish a year.Drinking water supply is at risk: seawater contains chemicals like boron that do not exist in fresh water.
Only 50 to 70% of the seawater is removed through the desalination process.Boron causes reproductive and developmental problems in humans and animals.It also stimulates the digestive system of the human body.
Private companies sell water for profit: today, as desalination is becoming the world's leading growth segment, more and more private companies are investing in desalination.Nowadays, water has become a scarce commodity, so the company is carrying out the business of selling water, not only to provide safe drinking water to the public, but also to profit from it.On the other hand, since water is controlled by private companies, it is difficult to ensure public safety.
In order to ensure safety, the water supply should be controlled by the government authorities.For the best quality desalination equipment, please check the output water-Provide customers with related services at a simple price
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