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Water is the Fountain of Life?Written by Britt MittemeijerWater is real life!It is absolutely necessary for all body functions-we can't live without it at all!Humans need water in order to breathe, digest food, eliminate waste, absorb and metabolize nutrients and regulate body temperature.In addition, water maintains a stable pressure, acidity and composition of all chemical reactions.Without protein, carbohydrates and fat, one can survive for about five weeks.
Without water in a mild climate, one can survive for about five days!Ladies and gentlemen, water is our basic nutrition. most health practitioners recommend that we have at least eight drinks.Drink a glass of water every day to keep the best fit.
Aren't all of us pursuing the best health?No one wants to get sick!Since water is our most basic nutrient, shouldn't our first line of defense be to consume the best water?So you might ask: how do I get safe water in this era of major contaminants penetrating everything?For most people, drinking water is coming out of a kitchen faucet or bottled water, and we just think it's safe.This may be the case in many places, but when we consider that the water produced by the municipal water treatment plant is used for utility purposes such as industrial use, agricultural irrigation, etc., about 95% of this is the case, household facilities such as bathing and flushing toilets.
However, only about 5% or less is spent on cooking and personal consumption-does that make sense --Cash is valid-Clean all the water to the drinking water standard?The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for the safety of the national municipal water supply.Did you know that of the approximately 2100 contaminants identified, EPA has regulated and set the maximum pollutant level (MCLs) for approximately 90 that may have adverse effects on public health )?This allows for the presence of many unregulated potential toxic contaminants in the supply of drinking water.What are these contaminants and why do they pose a threat to public health?To highlight a few, let's start with chlorine.
Chlorine is classified as poison but is legally added at low concentrations in municipal water supply to eliminate diseaseCausing bacteriaWhile the process, which began around 1908 and successfully eliminated cholera, typhoid and other similar deadly diseases that plagued American society in the 19 th century, poses other challenges to public health: chlorine is combined with rotten leaves and naturally occurring organic matter to form a compound called disinfectionProducts related to colon and bladder cancer (DPBs, also known as THMs) and even abortion!In addition, although chlorine helps to destroy bacteria in the water supply, it will continue to destroy bacteria, good bacteria and bad bacteria in the intestines once we drink chlorine.This is why when chlorine is delivered to our home in underground pipes, it is effective to mix chlorine into water, but it is harmful to human consumption and should be removed.THMs (triple halogen methane) is more harmful.
As mentioned above, they are mainly formed by combining chlorine with organic matter that may enter the conveying stream in the conveying system.Studies have shown that THMs and TTHMs are the causes of cancer and you absolutely do not want them to appear in your drinking water.So, as you understand, if your health is important to you, your tap water may produce a pollutant cocktail that you want to avoid.
Turbidity (turbidity) of itself may not be a health problem;yet disease-Causes the microorganisms to attach to the particles that cause turbidity and avoid destruction through chlorine.It is well known that the accumulation of lead in the body may cause damage to the brain, kidneys and blood cells.Parasites, such as cryptospores and the blue-family giardinaria, have caused major problems during outbreaks in the past few cities, leading to diarrhea, cramps, high fever, and even death.
Unfortunately, these microorganisms are not affected by chlorine, so they can swim in your tap and your intestines without hindrance!In addition, attention has been paid to a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as, radon and MBTE, a gasoline additive suspected of cancer-causing.These harmful floats in your drinking water are not meant to scare you, but to tell you what might be lurking in your drink with your family.Unfortunately, your senses won't give you feedback at all because you can't smell, taste or see these substances, but they do the same damage to you!Now you ask: where can I find healthy water that my family and I can drink and cook safely?To answer this question, many people use bottled water as the path to least resistance.
Although bottled water is considered "safer than tap water", the fact is that the standard of bottled water is very similar to the standard of tap water.In fact, some bottled water is actually processed and repackaged tap water.Also, bottled water is expensive and often a questionable solution!However, if you insist on bottled water, then buy water imported from other states, because the water on the Trans-state line has higher monitoring level and legal quality requirements.
A replacement for bottled water is to turn your tap water into a healthy drink.There are many different technologies and equipment to choose from.You have to ask yourself how pure you want to be: is this just a better taste you want, or are you more interested in "pure" to help protect your health ,--or both?The misleading view is that it would be better if your water tastes better!In fact, many pollutants cannot be tasted, smelled or seen;Your senses are not guiding you.
The only pollutant you can feel is chlorine;You know that chlorine tastes like a lot of people.Therefore, once chlorine is removed from drinking water, the taste of the water will be better.But now you know that chlorine pollution is not all;In fact, this is just the beginning of a cocktail that is not appetizing and can be harmful.
All kinds of equipment and technology such as faucetsInstall filter, dumpBy distillation, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet rays, carbon or ceramic filtration by or by glass bottle devices (collectively referred to as "chlorine remover"), we find that the highest cost isEffective and efficient filtration method for residential use is stainless steelSteel filter with solid carbon block technology.Although there is no perfect way to clean water, some solid carbon block filters can remove all kinds of pollutants and provide the greatest convenience for consumers.These units are usually installed under the sink with a dedicated spout on the sink deck that provides clean water at the point of use, that is, your kitchen sink, they can also often be connected to the refrigerator to clean the ice cubes.
Minimum maintenance.
Some solid carbon block systems can even effectively remove cryptospores due to their following propertiesStrain and adsorption capacity of Micron.In the process, how can you know how to choose without encountering a lot of hype and false information?Drinking water kitchen equipment system is an important and permanent investment in your health;This is not something you would like to pick out from the department store shelves!Consult reputable dealers and ask a lot of questions (suggestions are as follows ).In addition, look at 3rd political party bodies that test and certify the system based on its structural integrity and the effectiveness of reducing contaminants.
Agreements for scientific testing by public health officials, governments and regulators for them.You can call 800 SF-Marking (800 673-6275) and ask for the "water" consumer manual or you can go to www.nsf.Look for details of their test protocol.Questions you should ask before you open your wallet.
Ask the seller to show you a product performance data sheet detailing what the system has deleted and to what extent.Ask if the product has been tested and certified by the International SF.The National Science Foundation is an independent, no.
for-A profitable organization dedicated to public safety.Note: the product you are considering should be "NSF certified" and not just "tested according to the NSF Standard" or just "NSF approved according to Standard x"-theseAsk about the list of NSF for the specific product you are evaluating.Products listed under NSF Standard number53 (health impact) or NSF Standard number42 (aesthetic effect) or both?Ask about the range of contaminants the unit can reduce under the standard number53.
Most units certified under standard numbersOnly turbidity and cyst reduction were listed in 53.The number of units that reduce certain pesticides, trihalogen methane, lead and/or VOCs is small.Make sure that those contaminants you care about can be removed through the equipment you are considering.
Ask the service cycle-how many gallons does it handle effectively?What is the frequency and cost that the filter element must change?Ask the flow rate-how many gallons of water are processed per minute?What warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee are provided?The bottom line is that you can tell yourself on the kitchen faucet what equipment is best for your water quality requirements.You can get healthy water on demand, meet all your drinking, cooking, ice and beverage needs for less than 10 cents per gallon, you can get it where you need it, it's in your kitchen faucet and refrigerator.Now you can safely bottle your own bottleSpend 8 to buy about 1 p of waterOz bottle, you never get robbed at the high price of bottled water again!Now go for a safe, delicious, healthy drink.
tasting water!.
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