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the truth about reverse osmosis units for home use - best value reverse osmosis system

by:Ocpuritech     2019-11-19
the truth about reverse osmosis units for home use  -  best value reverse osmosis system
The reverse osmosis unit has been in existence since the 1980s and was originally intended as a salt remover.
For the development of photos, the photography and printing industry needs to remove salt water.
At the same time, there are demands for the removal of chlorine in drinking water.
Then, reverse osmosis water filtration systems were also sold for this purpose.
The reverse osmosis water filtration system is very effective in removing natural minerals on Earth, which is good for industry but not good for human beings.
The human body needs natural trace minerals to nourish each cell for proper body function.
These systems are also effective in filtering dirty water to make it look cleaner.
However, other filters and sanitizers are also required if you want to drink cleaner water.
The reverse osmosis device does not filter pollutants.
Parasites, poison, disease
They are also ideal in areas where seawater desalination is needed.
Other uses are to remove dirty water and cloudy water in the disaster area.
Therefore, the reverse osmosis device is not practical in home use.
In addition to all of the above, these systems waste a lot of drinking water, the cost of purchasing and maintaining is high, and the speed of producing water is slow.
Solutions are also not available for bottled water.
There are very few regulations on bottled water standards.
Someone may fill bottles from their own home faucet supply and market them.
The treatment of plastic bottles is also not environmental protection.
A more practical water filtration system is a system with a multi-stage filtration process that removes the largest variety of contaminants and leaves natural trace minerals in drinking water.
These filters are both practical and economical, without waste.
The multi-stage filtration process includes activated carbon, which is the most effective way for us epa to filter THMs and VOCs.
THMs and VOCs are chemicals that cause cancer.
Ion exchange is also part of a multi-stage process for softening hard water and balancing Ph. Multi-
A media block filter is included for filtering deposits, cysts and any remaining contaminants.
In conclusion, you may have decided that the reverse osmosis device is not your best choice.
Reverse osmosis water filtration system is better used in industry, etc.
Find more information on multiple disciplines
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I hope this information will help you.
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