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top water filters How do I Test Camping Water Filters?

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-11
top water filters How do I Test Camping Water Filters?
Camping water filters are key tools for field campers who rely on local and untreated water sources.Adventurous travelers entering the developing world also rely heavily on camping water filters for safe drinking water.While a good filter carries an approval seal from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the approval is only applicable to the model.At times, individual defective filters are created and brought to market.The only way to make sure the filter works before putting the filter into the field is to test it.Description difficulty: EasyCall local environmental lab, university or college, explain if you want to test if the water sample is contaminated.This is a normal process for homeowners who rely on tap water or check the quality of their pipes, so this process is routine.If you're lucky, a lab at a college or university may do so for free, but on top of that, you may pay a modest fee.Select a lab and arrange an appointment, pick up the sample bottle and return to the water sample.Suspicious water sources are found or manufactured.A good candidate is a stream that flows through cattle or sheep ranches or dumps, as both are sure to be contaminated with contaminants or parasites.Another option is to combine domestic sewage with rust flakes to make contaminated water samples at home.Pack this suspicious water with your own bottle instead of the sanitizing container that the lab gives you.Handle suspicious water with your camping water filter as instructed by the manufacturer.Bottle the water flowing out of the filter with the disinfection container given to you by the laboratory.Bring the treated water samples to the container in the laboratory and wait for the results.The manual for Camping filters lists the specifications it can achieve.Compare these specifications with the results of EPA.If Laboratory tests indicate that the treated water is as pure or pure as the specifications of the filter, the filter meets the manufacturer's standards.The resource article by Edwin Thomas has been written since 1997.His work appears in a variety of online publications, including Black Watch, Proboxing-Fans and othersThomas, a travel blogger, editor and writer, traveled from Argentina to Vietnam to find stories.He holds a master's degree in international affairs from an American university.
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