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top water filters How To Clean PUR Backpack Water Filters

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-14
top water filters How To Clean PUR Backpack Water Filters
Design and sell the best PUR water purification productsBut in 2001, Katadyn Inc.A Swiss company acquired the outdoor and Ocean division of PUR.Katadyn continued to produce Hiker products for PUR, but stopped PUR Guide Pro.Fortunately, Katadyn continues to sell cleaning and replacement products for PUR's two backpack water filters.Description difficulty: Please easily remove and check the folded fiberglass filter elements.If it looks dirty and the filter refuses the pump, then the filter must be replaced.The price of changing the filter ranges from $40 to $50 and is available directly from Katadyn.If the filter is still valid, put the filter element aside.Remove the handle of the pump and use silicone lubricant to lubricate the o-of the pump-ring.Make sure o-The housing of the ring, handle and handle is clean.Clean the main housing of the filter with water.Pay special attention to the check valve, because the coarse sand will insert itself into the value, causing the filter to fail.Pre-cleaning or replacementfilter.Scrub any dirt with a soft brush.Reassemble the filter and pump 2 Tbsp.Bleach diluted in a liter of water through a filter.Pump until all solution is fully through the hose of the filter.Remove the filter to allow the filter to air dry.Bryan HanselBryan Hansel, a freelance photographer and kayak guide, started writing in 1993.His outdoor articles appear on various websites.Hansel holds a bachelor's degree in English and religious literature from the University of Iowa.
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