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top water filters How to Filter Water While Camping

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-14
top water filters How to Filter Water While Camping
The giadilla, cryptospores, neamoeba, viruses and pollution are just some of the hazards found in untreated lake, river and stream waters.If you are camping and find yourself without drinking water or water purification equipment, you can make filters with the supplies you carry with you.Although the filtered water does not remove the virus, the filtered water removes dirt, sundries and some pathogens.You can also use this method to pre-Filter the water before using the water filter device and help prevent the filter device from clogging up.Teaching difficulties: put water in a bowl, pot, canteen or bottle.Use a clear flowing water source if possible, as the water will be cleaner.It takes longer to filter dirty water.Use an empty container such as a plastic water bottle without a lid as a filter.Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle with a knife.Poke a hole in the side of the cut-off bottom with a knife, and use a rope or rope through to make the handle.Pour the bottle over and fill it with two to 3 inch large gravel.Add one to 2 inch of sand to the top of the gravel.This is the current water filter.Hang the filter in any position lower from the ground.Place a water container under the filter.Use any container you would like to drink or store filtered water from a cup or canteen.The filter should be about 2 inch above the water container.Fill the poured bottle with water.Water will be filtered through sand and gravel into the water container below.If the filtered water is not clear, please go through the filter again.Use chemical purification tablets according to product instructions and purify the water after filtration.Filtration alone does not remove all harmful bacteria in the water.Tips and warning articles written by Lynn andslyn Anders have over 15 years of professional experience working as a zoo keeper, wildlife/environment/conservation educator, and non-profit Pet Rescue.Her work has appeared on various websites since 2007, covering petsTopics related to the environment, finance and parenting.Anders holds a bachelor's degree in environmental research and biology from California State University.
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