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ultrafiltration water treatment wastewater treatment in the modern textile industry

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-04
ultrafiltration water treatment wastewater treatment in the modern textile industry
Today's garment manufacturing units require the latest automation, high production machinery such as automatic cutting machine, drawing machine, automatic sorting machine, cutting machine, CAD software.However, this is not just about increasing productivity.Today's garment manufacturing unit cannot grow without the perfection of garment design.
Hi-Technical tools like MD-CAD garment design software improves the design standard and the production speed of these designs.This software is a bundle of 5 applications, each for a specific process.From mass production to custom design requirements, this software is now essential in the industry.
Material quality and design of any garment is as important as printing quality.Therefore, the modern textile industry is increasingly dependent on automatic printing equipment for clothing.These products with the latest printing technology make the production process troublesome.
With the development of advanced inkjet technology, the modern drawing machine has already started to have two or four heads.These devices can be printed through standard HP cartridges.Functions such as linear encoders ensure final accuracy even in a wide range of print formats.
Most importantly, these devices are very fast and run noise-free.Advanced fabric paving machines play an important role in the success of the textile industry.These are compact,Machine designed by usersFriendly and chengnogaoSuperior performance and high production efficiency.
This property can be ensured for any material, from elastic, hard, rolled, folded bundles to tubular.The modern automatic cloth expansion equipment is equipped with an intuitive digital touch bracket;Their electronic tensionAutomatic motion diagnosis system.In fact, with the help of this device, you can enable the propagation with or without a terminal catch.
For industries with large production demand, double cutting devices with adjustable speed are adopted.Any textile industry must pay equal attention to environmental issues such as productivity and quality.The modern textile industry is very interested in biological treatment of wastewater.
However, the situation has improved a lot in the past few years.The popularity of AAA technology improves the efficiency of biological treatment, while minimizing the production of sludge from textile industry wastewater.When designing modern sewage treatment plants, we should pay attention to reducing chemical consumption.
In fact, compared with traditional sewage treatment plants, technologies like AAA can reduce chemical consumption and sludge formation by about 70%, while ensuring consistent quality of treated effluent.Moreover, 90-95% the treated water can be recovered by reverse osmosis and UF treatment.UF treatment can effectively reduce the pollution potential of wastewater.
Through this process, better recovery and membrane life of the downstream reverse osmosis (RO) system can be ensured.The technically advanced RO system provides enhanced recovery capability, minimum cleaning frequency and higher membrane life.In order to ensure that the liquid discharge is zero, the reject flow can be handled through the evaporator and dryer.
By the solid salt produced, it can be recycled for dyeing.In addition, today's aerobic systems are more effective in reducing overall power consumption, sludge formation, floor space and improving the efficiency of aerobic biological systems
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