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ultraviolet water sterilizer ultraviolet water treatment systems - their beneficial uses

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-02
ultraviolet water sterilizer ultraviolet water treatment systems - their beneficial uses
The Ultra-Purple Light for UV water treatment produces UV-C.No UV-Once the C-Ray from the sun is in contact with life on Earth, it will be completely filtered out by the atmosphere.However, ultraviolet rays are produced by humans.
C rays do.
The UV-C lamps are used in biological laboratories to study the effects of fungicides.Those UV-C. has a radiation intensity that is far greater than the sunlight and is used in water treatment for disinfection.UV filters can kill most bacteria and viruses in the water.
However, this type of water treatment is not completely purified.In fact, for example, it does not treat water for chemical contaminants.Installation of super systemAs a result, purple water purification is combined with other water purification systems, and UV rays generally do not have an impact on chlorine, heavy metals and other chemical contaminants.
How does UV water treatment system work?Water purification SuperViolet uses a UV light source (lamp), which is enclosed in a transparent protective case (usually quartz.The installation of the lamp allows the water to circulate through the filter through the room.Then, the water is exposed to ultraviolet light.
C rays.
When harmful microorganisms are exposed to ultraviolet rays, their nucleic acids absorb ultraviolet energy, thus blurring the structure of DNA.Cells become sterile and cannot reproduce any more.Now that this cell is dead, it is no longer a threat.
Why use superPurple Light water purification system?UV water purification technology is probably the most cost-effective technology.The most effective and effective in the market today.It allows homeowners and business owners to remove a range of biological contaminants from their water supply.
Compared with other forms of microbial pollutant water treatment, UV water treatment has many advantages.Most importantly, it will not leave any chemicals in the water and will not produce any by-productsIt does not change the taste, ph or other properties of the water.Therefore, in addition to producing safe drinking water, it is harmless to your plumbing and septic system.
UV treatment is a great choice to eliminate biological pollution in most waters.If additional filtration is required for your home or business, or you have private untreated water sources (rain, lake, water wells, etc ).).The unique purpose of the UV water treatment system is to kill harmful biological contaminants.
Unlike chlorine treated water, no microorganisms can resist ultraviolet rays.UV rays are known to be very effective for bacteria, viruses and algae.In fact, bacteria and viruses are the cause of many diseases carried by water.
Among these viruses, hepatitis virus and veterans have demonstrated the ability to survive for quite a long time with chlorine treatment, but it is easy to remove it through UV treatment.For most microorganisms, the effectiveness of ultraviolet rays on microbial contaminants such as bacteria and viruses is usually more than 99.99%.UV water treatment is very effective (99.99%) against;Salmonella (typhoid), Salmonella (intestinal stomach disease), cholera (cholera), M.
tuberculosis (TB), M.
coli (c.
coli), influenza virus, polio and hepatitis.There are many sterilization lights in our company's UV water purifier group.The Ster-L-The radiation sterilization lamp produced by our company is a short wave lowA pressure mercury vapor tube that produces an ultraviolet wavelength that is fatal to microorganisms.
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