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uv sterilizer designing and maintaining a backyard pond or water feature

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-03
uv sterilizer designing and maintaining a backyard pond or water feature
There are many ways to create your own unique backyard pond or water garden, and we have some suggestions to help make it fun and easy.Determine what your goals are before creating your water features.Are you trying to attract local wildlife like frogs, turtles and birds?Would you prefer to have a water garden with Lily, Lotus and other aquatic plants, with a beautiful Zen mind?How about incorporating water into your home design?Please keep in mind that you will most likely have room to provide water.
They can change from half to anything.
Barrel to a huge and deep pond in your backyard.Whatever your intentions are, we can help you achieve them.The first step in creating a project is to select a location.
You'll want a location where you can create some shadows for your pond and it's also good to find a place that will protect the water from too many leaves or other debris to enter.Shadows can be created in many ways.Aquatic plants on the edges or ponds color water, and many ornamental trees are ideal as long as they do not drop too many leaves.This type of garbage will soon flood the pond in the backyard.
The next step is to start the design process.This includes selecting the actual shape of the water feature, any waterfall or other water feature, filtering, and where you will plant around the water.It is very sensible to incorporate several different depths and slopes around the edge of the pond into the design.
This will provide additional places for fish and animals to move around and place different types of aquatic plants.You can create your water features with concrete, prefabricated bathtubs, and even with a pond liner.Choose the option that best suits your project and budget.
Concrete tends to be more expensive than Bath or pond liners, but concrete can last longer if it is professionally installed.If you are raising koi, goldfish, tadpole, or other kinds of fish, then you may need time to consider protecting them from predators.Racoons and herons are greedy fish eaters.
One of the best ways to protect your fish and animals is to provide them with a way to stay away from predators.The easiest way to do this is to provide at least 3 feet of the depth in the pond.Herons and racoons are hard to catch fish and animals in this deep or deeper place.
Filtering can be very simple and complex.
It depends on your project.
Water garden with only a few small fish or no fish at all does not require a large filter.You can even make your own filter with a 5 gallon barrel, some hoses and a pump.This is easy to do!If you raise koi, then you need a system that flows more, mechanically filters more to remove waste.
Koi is a dirty fish that produces a lot of waste.UV sterilizer is a good idea for any water properties.They kill the nasty algae that will make the water green and kill the parasites that will attack your fish.
Ideally, you will place the UV sterilizer on the return line after the filter.Adding plants to your backyard pond is beneficial and beautiful.The Water Garden needs the same care as any indoor plant or other garden.
You need to study your plants, determine the height and width of their growth, how to trim them, and what type of additional feed they may need.You also need to know where your plants grow best.Some are just floating on the water so all you need to do is protect them from being sucked in filters or destroyed by waterfalls.
Other plants grow at different depths, which is why we recommend building your water feature with many depths.You can increase the look of your pond by picking the local stones, or going to the local landscape store to buy the stones that suit the feeling of your project.Many landscape shops are now beginning to offer products specifically for backyard ponds.
Nice backyard pond layoutups for koi.
You really need to think about something.
Koi is large in size and produces a lot of waste, so be sure to provide enough filtration.Having a system that is too big is better than having a system that is too small.This is expensive and it can be very difficult to upgrade the system later.
It's always the best to do the first time.Plants can offer another unique challenge when raising koi.To put it simply, Koi likes to eat plants and swim in plants, basically just rough them.
Your koi may destroy the plants and cause a mess in the pond.If you do use plants and there are many that are acceptable, just make sure you choose hard and tough plants or place them where koi cannot reach.As long as you are familiar with the needs of koi, it is easy to feed them.
The feeding habits of koi are directly related to the water temperature and season.In spring, you should start feeding koi with a quality color-enhanced growing food.In the summer, you can continue to use toner and provide a variety of foods.
Your fish has some great spirulina granules, shrimp and other food.In winter, you should remember two things when the water cools down again.First, reduce feeding.If your water drops to 50 degrees or less, you don't need to feed the fish at all.
If you are feeding, go for a wheat germ food that is easy to digest.The backyard pond can be fun!We hope you enjoy designing and building your building!
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