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water filter cartridges How to Clean a Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-29
water filter cartridges How to Clean a Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter
Pool filters have never been so simple to use or maintain in the 21st century.There are three types of pool filters: sand, silica (DE) and filter cartridge, which are the easiest to clean.In most cases, the pool cartridge needs to be cleaned about every six months.
When the pressure of the filter exceeds the standard working pressure of 8 to 10 psi, remove and clean the filter cartridge filter of the swimming pool.Assemble your filter cartridge cleaning tools and put them at hand.Connect your garden hose and connect a DC nozzle.
Do not use a pressurized nozzle when cleaning the filter cartridge of the pool.Fill the bucket with clear water and add a commercial pool cartridge cleaner according to the instructions on the container.Turn off the water pump in the swimming pool.
Open the upper part of the filter cartridge filter by handLoosen the fixing belt assembly that connects two halves of the filter housing.Please use pliers if the fixing belt is stuck.Lift the upper half of the filter cartridge filter housing and place it on the side.
Enter and remove the cartridge from the pool filter housing.Check for dirt and damage.Use the garden hose and the DC mouth to drop the hose in the pool filter cartridge.The hose filter cartridge flows the water from the top to the bottom.
Place the dirty filter cartridge in the bucket of the commercial filter cleaner and water.Let them soak for at least an hour.After the cartridge is soaked in the cartridge cleaner, the hose falls off.Re-insert the clean filter cartridge into the filter unit.
Check the O-of the pool filter shell-There should be a ring gasket before sealing.Apply the lubricant to form a tight seal.Replace the filter housing and the upper half of the manualTighten the fixing belt.Tighten the fixing tape using pliers if required.
Open the pool filter cartridge filter to check if there is air or water leakage in the reassembled housing
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