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water filters for home use How to Winterize a Home Without Heat

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-28
water filters for home use How to Winterize a Home Without Heat
It is important to have vacant rental houses, holiday homes or other properties that do not have heat in the winter for the winter.Doing so can prevent pipe bursting or other serious damage to your property.You can spend the winter by yourself to prevent major problems.
You can do most of the winter work yourself, but a large heating system may need help.Once you have prepared your home for the winter without heat, you will feel at ease as you know it will not be hurt by winter.Find the water supply valve at home and close it by closing the water supply valve to the "off" position.
If the house has a well, close the circuit breaker to the pump system of the well.Change the temperature control on the gas heater to "off" and close the gas valve.Turn off the electric water heater by turning off the circuit breaker.
Turn on the tap or faucet on the gas or electric heater so that the air will flow in and out of the water.Assisted by allowing gravity, water is removed from the house's water supply pipeline, but there is still water accumulation in the water supply pipeline.If there is still water in the pipe, the compressor needs to be used to suck the air out of the pipe.
Connect the appropriate accessories to the compressor and connect them to the piping system.When using the compressor, start at the farthest place of the compressor and return to the compressor.Open and close the valve to help remove water from the system.
The water supply pipes for the home include faucets and fixed shut-off valves.If you have a well system, drain the pressure tank.Drain water-Softener tank, water filter and water treatment system.
This will prevent the tank from freezing.
Apply RV antifreeze to toilets and other drains to prevent them from freezing.This antifreeze is non-toxic and can be used indoors.Turn off other appliances in the hotel, such as a dishwasher, a washing machine, or an ice maker in a refrigerator.
Unplug these devices and drain them accordingly to prevent them from freezing.Close the circuit breaker and connection with the home.Put a sign to remind people that water needs to be turned on before the water heater so that it will not overheat.
Look at your stove system.
Some stoves have water.
Supply line that needs drainage.
Some stoves have a floor drain that drain water into the main pipe.If not, please consult your stove manual to find the watersupply drain.Some furnace systems have specialized drainage methods and pipeline lines and may require maintenance by HVAC professionals.
Post a sign stating that the house is in winter and there is no running water or electricity
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