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water purification reverse osmosis disadvantages 8 differences between ro & uv water purifiers

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-25
The average human water is 70%, which means that water is the key to survival.Therefore, drinking safe and clean water can make your body healthier and improve digestion.Pollutants present in the environment cause water bodies to be polluted, which is the source of water supply for our families.
Therefore, it is now necessary to use a water purifier to purify the water and make it safe to drink.The question now is which water purifier should be used?Which one is the best purifier for our family?The choice of the water purifier depends directly on the type of water supply in your area.There are many kinds of water purifiers, but the two most common ones are purifiers: 1.
UV water purifier.
RO water purifier (reverse osmosis) is the process of filtering water using RO technology.It takes water from halfPermeable ro film using water pressure.RO purifiers can remove almost all impurities such as bacteria and viruses.
It also removes other harmful minerals dissolved in water, such as rust, arsenic, fluorine, lead, etc.It is effective to convert hard water into soft water.However, it does not have much effect on invisible bacteria and microorganisms that may cause waterborne diseases.
UV Water Purifier UV (UV) water purifier works with UV.Water passes through an ultraviolet conduit source, destroying bacteria and microorganisms present in the water and making it safe for drinking and other household purposes.UV water purifiers can also be used in conjunction with other types of filters.
UV water purifiers are more effective for microorganisms and viruses than TDS.The difference between RO and UV water purifiers is listed below: 1.Maintain the best quality RO water purifier to provide safe, pure chemical drinking waterfree and smell-Free, low maintenance costs.
While a low-Low quality RO Purifier-High quality filters and other components are requiredCost maintenance.Through RO purifiers and their components such as water tanks, filters, pipes, etc.Service and cleaning are required from time to time.
UV water purifier, in order to get the best performance, it needs to replace the UV lamp once a year.But a year later, the UV lamp did not provide enough disinfection guarantee.The quartz sleeve can work without any replacement, but it may take multiple cleanings during the year.
The special water purifier is mainly suitable for groundwater, while the UV water purifier is more suitable for lake water, river water or water supplied by the local municipal council.If you live in the suburbs of some big cities with muddy or dirty water supply, you should buy a RO water purifier.3.Removing contaminants water purifiers is more effective in removing harmful salts and minerals present in contaminated water, and UV water purifiers effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms present but not visible in the water.
Suppose RO (reverse osmosis) water purifier is better than UV water purifier because RO Purifier provides highUV purifiers are combined with other forms of filtration.4.Effectiveness of MicroThe OrganismsRO purifier kills bacteria and microorganisms and washes out their bodies, but the UV water purifier kills bacteria and microorganisms, but the body is still in the water.5.The water purifier needs a lot more time to purify the average amount of water, and the ultraviolet water purifier does not need time to purify the water.
It purified the water immediately.
The water purifier will produce a lot of waste water, but the UV water purifier will not produce any waste water.7.Although the energy efficiency is negligible, the water purifier needs electricity to operate.The average consumption of RO water purifier is 1.
52 units per year.
UV water purifier does not need electricity for operation.8.The function of the Dirty waterRO water purifier can work on muddy or Dirty water, it can clean the water.But the water should be clear mud.UV water purifier free of charge.Both RO and UV have some advantages and disadvantages for each type of water filter.
The type of purifier that best suits your home depends on the type of water supply in your area.Otherwise, ro uv water purifier is the best combination type of water purifier in the main subway city.They are effective and efficient, providing safe and pure water for drinking and cooking.
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