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water treatment accessories How to Change an Above Ground Pool to Salt Water

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-13
water treatment accessories How to Change an Above Ground Pool to Salt Water
The saltwater pool is generally considered a low-maintenance, eco-friendly poolFriendly alternative to traditional chlorine poolsground and in-The owners of the ground pool are the same.Despite the temptation of a seemingly "natural" chemical alternative --Willan Johnson, CEO of Vivo pools, said the salt water pool does contain chemicalsIncluding trace amounts of chlorine and hydrochloric acid.Johnson said in the CNBC article "10 things your pool owner didn't tell you" that both saline and chlorine pools have unique benefits and encouraged homeowners to learn about the facts before switching.If you have done research and are ready to convert your aboveSalt water treatment in the ground swimming pool, the task can be realizedit-Your own project will not bankrupt the bank.Determine the type of saline system that best suits your needs.Brine chloride system, also known as brine generator and brine disinfection system, keeps the pool water clean and distributes salt evenlyThe chlorine produced and the sensor is used to stabilize the pH balance of the pool.There are two options on itground pools -an easy-to-Install the generator hanging on the wall of the pool andLine generator installed outside the pool next to the filter.Consider the budget, pool size and maintenance when deciding on a salt water system that suits you.Use a water pipe or pool pump to drain the water from the pool.Pumps designed for drainage-The ground pool can be rented or purchased at a local hardware or pool supply store.Pay attention to your city's regulations on discharging large amounts of water into streets and alleys, and contact your local water-saving department for tips on safely distributing pool water and flushing.Install the new salt water system according to the owner's manual and slowly fill the swimming pool with fresh water.Please refer to the manual to determine whether to add salt during filling or after the pool is filled with water.Don't turn on the salt water system until the pool is full, but while you wait for the pool to fill, be sure to read the owner's manual that comes with the salt water system.Determine the right waterto-According to the salt water system owner's manual, the salt ratio and the addition of pool salt.The water-to-The proportion of salt varies by several factors, including the size of your pool and how many gallons of water it holds.The salt water system is only turned on after the pool is full of capacity and reaches the appropriate salt level.If the salt water system does not do this for you, monitor the salt content by installing the monitoring system.In a way, your salt water system will keep your pool clean but will do it on its ownMaintenance is an important part of swimming pool maintenance.Keeping the lowest salt content at any time will keep the salt water system running properly.Keep your salt pool clean.This cell, which is located inside the saline system, can easily form calcium if neglected.For tips on cleaning system salt pools, please read the owner's manual.Be sure to use pool salt, not sea salt or mineral salt.The pool salt dissolves rapidly and maintains a high purity, which is most appropriate when working with the salt water system.
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