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water treatment systems What Is a Booster Pump?

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-29
water treatment systems What Is a Booster Pump?
The booster pump is used to increase the pressure in the liquid circulation system, or for specific applications provided by systems that require higher pressure, or in order to increase the distance, the system needs to carry the liquid under the circulation pressure.Booster pumps are usually used in municipal water and garbageWater treatment system.Pumps are also used to pump to higher heights such as elevated reservoirs, water towers and very high buildings.
Long-distance pumps for water or oil need to be delivered along the pipeline to the booster pump at specified intervals.The normal resistance and viscosity loss caused by friction along the pipe wall, as well as the increase of elevation, lead to the gradual loss of pressure along the pipe.The booster is optimized to increase enough pressure to maintain the required flow without adding too much pressure, so it is necessary to over-reduce the pressure when the flow control valve is in use.
Many municipal water companies have encountered a lot of water.When people are ready to go to work or to school, the rate of consumption in the early morning, and then in the evening, when people go home, prepare meals, wash dishes, flush toilets, take a shower or shower, the consumption rate will drop again or wash a lot.Later, the water consumption returned to a lower level.
It can be very expensive to use a booster during peak hours.In order to eliminate this phenomenon, a booster machine is used during shutdownPump into the elevated water tower at a lower electrical rate to provide peak times of required pressure due to their higher level.When high demand is restored, elevated water is released from the Tower until the end of the demand period and filled again during the non-demand periodRepeat peak times.
Many industrial and household devices operate best under specific design pressures.However, these pressures are too high for some other users in the distribution, increasing the pressure by pressure regulation and then reducing the pressurePressure users to waste energy.A more economical way is to just add pressure to the apps that need it, and reduce pressure for other users, but still enough.
Some deep wells in the country have to lift water at high altitudes, so they are optimized to fill a capacity tank for a period of time.Despite heavy intermittent use, the whole house's booster circulating water keeps the pressure constant without excessive circulationwell pump.Oil travels for miles through the pipeline, and there is a flow booster every once in a while to ensure the continued and economic flow of this important energy resource.
Many of these pumps are actually driven by a small amount of oil delivered by the pipeline, which greatly reduces the cost of fuel transportation
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